Saturday, December 30, 2006


so, to remind you to vote for the wicked awesome david crowder band, i changed the music on my blog. (david crowder band-undignified)
currently they are a point ahead of INXS. if INXS had made marty front the band, i would not be so passionately wanting them to not win. but THEY PICKED JD!
so since david crowder band is a totally awesome group of guys, vote alot!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Sam came home the week before chanukah with a pink bag. which means only one thing here... "Heart Strings"! Joanne help him find allkinds of favourites for me. claudia handpaint, mountain colours, books...she did a great job! purple came to visit for christmas and brought me some lovely soho and alpaca. a very fibery holiday! :-)

fiberlicious part2

brooke had surprise waiting for me. a fragrant lavendar yarn package with beads, should make up a great beaded scarf! the lavendar soap is no encased in the lovely bag jessica made me. it smells sooo good! the SWS from patons knits up so pretty!
then a bigger surprise. my MIL said she bought me some yarn. i was praying "please dont let it be redheart, and if it is make me like it". and look what came!!! austerman step and misti alpaca! whoohoo! isnt it wonderful? i am sooo spoiled!


david crowder is totally awesome.
i love him.
he signed my daughter's bday card! how cool is that?!
so go vote for him!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


my dad uploaded some of this month's video moments on my mom's site.
so go see tali say her favourote word, the kids spin as dreidels, and even some dancing.

Friday, December 22, 2006


In those first speechless moments, new parents gaze with fascination. They lovingly examine every inch of their newborn child’s face.No matter how we prepare ourselves, the reality of new birth astounds us. Here, nestled in our arms, is a brand-new member of the human race. Here is the future in flesh; our legacy to the world. We check eyes, mouth, ears for telltale family resemblances; we marvel at the delicate pink skin. Most of all, we silently thank the Lord over and over for a gift so unimaginably wonderful.

Can you imagine how intently Joseph and Mary must have studied the Child who came to them in Bethlehem? His coming had been foretold not by physicians but by angels. If those angels were right – and how could they not be? – here in the starlight was a Messiah who had been the subject of poems, songs, and dreams for a thousand years. Messiah: Perhaps the couple stammered when they tried to speak the M-word aloud. It was just so hard to imagine such a magnificent personification when they looked at the sleeping infant.
After all, everyone knew (or thought they knew) that the Messiah would be the ultimate military commander. He would arrive on horseback, with sword held high, crying out for vengeance and redemption in the name of the Lord and his favored nation. The Chosen One would have the wisdom of Solomon, the charisma of David, the godliness of Moses, and the military genius of Joshua.

Yet here was a baby – just a baby. Joseph and Mary had to admit that here was a baby who seemed, at first glance, like any other newborn child. He cried in the middle of the night. He hungered for milk. He needed fresh “swaddling clothes” every now and then. If this was just an ordinary child like cousin Elizabeth’s new addition, how could he be “one whose origins are from the deep past,” as the prophet had insisted? How could an infant be the Son of God?Or for that matter, why would the Son of God be an infant?

The need of crumbling, dying Israel was urgent. First the Greek and now the Roman influence was wiping away a bit more of the legacy of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob each day.Why, indeed? Why did Jesus come as a child?Jesus is the One like no other, for he was fully human and fully divine – simultaneously. Nothing about his humanity could detract from his godliness; nothing about his godliness could detract from his humanity.

Only because this is true can he reconcile the Father in heaven with his children on earth. He is the Man of both worlds; he is the bridge by which God comes to earth and people come to heaven.In that regard, we have seen that the Virgin Birth is the sign of his divinity. He comes to the earth from outside, pure and clean, and he is in no way a product of this world. Now we see that, in the same way, the infancy of the Child is the sign of his humanity. He is one of us in every way. He arrives from heaven with perfection and godliness of which no man or woman is capable – yet he takes the full human journey, which even God in heaven had not taken.

How could we follow his footsteps as a man if we hadn’t seen him crawl as a child? How could we believe he had undergone all the temptation we have faced if he had bypassed the most difficult years in which we struggle to earn our adulthood?To make the full sacrifice on our behalf, Jesus had to make the full commitment. It would have meant very little to us if he had sprung from heaven fully formed, bathed in heavenly glory, saying, “Here are my hands and my feet – place me upon the cross, for I am willing to die.”
Instead, we see him as a child in a manger.
We see him at the Temple as a boy on the verge of maturity, already about his Father’s business.
We see Mary and Joseph wondering at him, trying to understand, as he grew “in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and all the people” (Luke 2:52).
Finally, we see him as a young man, quietly beginning a ministry that will change all of human history.
We overhear the whispers from his neighbors: “He’s just a carpenter’s son, and we know Mary, his mother, and his brothers – James, Joseph, Simon, and Judas. All his sisters live right here among us” (Matthew 13:55-56).
We see him in the desert, wrestling with temptation and the matter of his destiny, and we know he is fully human.
We see his love for children, and we can believe it because he, too, has been a child.
And then, when those crude spikes are drilled through his wrists and his ankles, we know he feels the pain that any man would feel.
We know the price of our sins is on the table, being paid in full with no credit plans or easy payment schedules, but by every last drop of blood and every brutal slash of the whip.
We are bought with a price that could never have been paid without the full burden of humanity having been accepted.

If he had been God only, his sacrifice would have been cheap and unconvincing. If he had been man only, his sacrifice would have had no power; he would have been a martyr like ten thousand others. But he was man and he was God, and therefore he was all in all. He came as a child to confront and conquer every challenge and every temptation common to humanity. We trust him with our lives because he was God. We love him with our hearts because we know that once he was a tiny baby, wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.

Why Did Jesus Come as a Baby?Dr. David Jeremiah

The week in review

so monday we went to UCDavis. after a week of local dr and tests that were a bit scary.... her urine was RED! for heaven sakes! so after our chanukah party, everyone prays for tirzah.
monday they test her again at UCD. NO Protien. NO hemoglobins. nada. except for some residule joint aches, she is fine. the dr is baffled.
growing up in a home where my mom didnt drive, if my dad had to miss work and take us to the Dr, we had sooo better be sick. so i have no idea how to take this. "what do you mean she is ok?! she wasn't 4 days ago."
tirzah is just glowing. she is so excited, cuz this means to her that she can still work with aids orphans in africa and adopt them. this is her goal for her life right now. there are lil dark twin dolls at the store that she has to touch everytime she goes near them.
All is well.

at least with tirzah.
Sam's dad had a stroke monday. so we come home to all kinds of messages. he is freaking out cuz we are not in denver anymore, his brother is in minnesota. after they stabalize my FIL, and send him home. 3 ft of snow gets dumped on denver. his blood pressure is wayoutside normal again, but there is no way they can drive to the hospital. MIL is a medical assit. so she can atleast monitor things. today he is doing much better.

in themidst of all the monday stuff a box arrives.

i have a wonderful pal. i! all the packages have lil notes, which i peeled off and saved. there was soo much in this box! rowan wool, sock yarn, roving, dreidel filled with M&M's, eucalan, point protectors and stitch holders to save what knitting i have done, A DELLA Q silk bag, a wonderful maxlucado journal- i love him! , a car dice game to occuppy kids!, chocolate, note to help me regain some sense of organization in this crazy life, and it just goes on and on!

ignore the larryboy wiseman in the phot, tali was playing with the veggie nativity.

Thank you pal for the lovely and wonderfully timed box! You ROCK!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

zemeira the power dreidel. this girl sucked down sugar cubes and was spinning all over the room!
tirzah flipping latkes in her retro frilly apron
kezzi and bubbe making latkes
Jaden lighting the candles. you can see pa aka "mr safety" watching in the mirror

Monday, December 18, 2006


we are on our way to ucd for tirzah. she has been feeling run down lately, lots of blood in her urine, and can't seem to get over a cold. they suggested we ask about the kidney transplant list when we get there today.
we had a great dr the first time, this last one was not much help. so pray we get some one who knows something about HSP.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


there is a new second sock syndrom swap for the spring!
this was awesome! you only need to make one sock! ok...when you get a package you will have to make another one to match the one you received... so you make 2 socks...that do not match...
more info at girl is crafty!
how is your knitting going? it is only 9 days til christmas!
i found a great site! cuz i know you just groaned! ( only 9 days??!!!)
you can give beautiful handknit items and support women in war torn countries! check out women for
look at the hand knit slippers from bosnia! only $25!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

warning as soon as i get unblurry photos of last night they will be up. tali was so loud i missed alot of the play. the kids solos...i was in the hall for all of them. so i hope to get good pix from mom. her is chai in the beanie and tirzah in the ponytail

Friday, December 08, 2006

i have alot of grandmothers. six from marriages.
but grandma yaeko is not one of those. she was the nurse on duty when my father was born in the navy hospital in japan. first daipers and bottles are fun to giggle over.
yaeko crocheted beautiful baby sweaters that zip up the back for all the babies in the church where my dad pastored. by the time my baby tirzah was born, it was the last of the sweaters. her hands hurt too much to make any more.
having climatized to california, i discovered i was freezing at 46 degrees now, for the new england and colorado girls in me, this is horrifying!... so i went in search of a blanket.
grandma yaeko made me beautiful aran blanket when i got married. i did not knit then. now all the patterns and stitches have names. knowing this was near the end of her knitting, they amaze me even more. such love.
so when i discovered this:

i was heartbroken. i can fix it right? i fix harder things for other people.
the new knitty is up! the new knitty is up! hurray! i have been checking it everyday. waiting. i am so glad i am not disapointed in it! there are mittens and socks and toys and sweaters and hats. if only i had clean needles and no WIPs! i can not cast on anything at this time. the torture!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Kezzi taking care of the horse for her girlscout badge

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Our family has lost another family member this week.
My cousin, Jenny, 33 years old died this week. She died peacefully and in her sleep. She had been very sick with various problems for year to the point of feeding tubes, talks of pace makers and diabetis. We are thankful that she is no longer in pain.
Our family however is in much pain. There are arguments over where she is to be buried, who decides, who pays etc. Her husband wants her with his family, her mother does not. A time when we should be reaching out to each battle lines seem to be being drawn. Please pray for Jenny's husband.
For family as they travel, Thank You.
Alexandria in her lacey bonnet. the pattern is from Knitting for Two. This has become a favourite of mine to make. Fiori trim. i love the way the decrease made such beautifl lines and the back made a perfect flower/star when finished.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Cuz HOHO said it very well

i dont need to write it, when you can read it here

you have only one life.
do something.


so you might get offended....
but give me a lil extra grace, anyways.

i am not someone who is easily categorized, labeled, boxed up and contained well. who i am offends christians, jews, gentiles....something i write is bound to make you gasp at some point!
but that doesn't change that a 100 things about me, and it is who i am...

i am a jew.
i believe that Jesus is the Messiah.
i am passionately in love with Sam
my mom is my best friend
i have a pastor for a father.
i have an arab for a brother.
i have lesbian and gay friends.
i have 6 kids.
there are over 20 people missing in my family from abortion.
i like barack obama and would vote for him to be president.
i love to debate politics, issues of faith, life...
i love people passionately
i hate lies
i want to pursue truth and live with integrity
i will fail some times, guarenteed
i have some red heart in my stash
i have kissed the face of aids
i would have 10 more kids as long as we could adopt them
i am pro military
i am a zionist
i do not like most hymns
i know all the lyrics to Queen's songs
i can not clap and sing at the same time
i am the first one on my mother side born on US soil
my family was in a concerntration camp
the otherside of my family has been here since the revolutionary war
we were both yankees and confredates
i can cuss in german, arabic, italian, hindi and spanish
i know hebrew litugry by memory only
i love jeans
i hate dresses
i love elaborate balls
i graduated at 15
i love shoes
i cant wear shoes in the car
i cook crazy exotic gourmet foods
i can't cook "easy" normal meals
i am afraid of failure
i have 16 college credits
i wont study for a test
i need atleast 5 bookcases for the books i have
i need more books
i have 2 violins
i can play 3 songs on them
i love quiet
i hate to be alone
i want to be a vegeterian
i love steak
i am addicted to my email
people who do not blog regularly annoy me
i love to write thank you cards
i always forget to mail the thank you cards
i am allergic to peaches
i had a babysitter once for my kids
i had dr appts and chunks of flesh to tend to after the babysitting incident
it takes me along time to forgive
i fogive completely when i get around to it
i love sales and clearances
i believe barney the dinosaur is evil
i wanted to marry remi, an italian cartoon character
i love being snow bound
i hate being cold
i love TV
i have to knit while watching TV or i feel like i am wasting time
i don't think there is anything special about me
i spoke before the state senate
i have marched in protest at the nation's capitol
i have protested at state capitols
i was homeschooled illegally as a child
i attended 8 schools before i left elementary
i adopted a manatee
i hate florida
i miss florida's produce
i had a pice hang in an art exhibit
i love old books
i am scared of scary movies
i like order
i live in chaos
i have SIX lumbar vertebrae like a horse instead of 5 like people
i have had horse breath blown into my own nostrils
i wanted to study the bloodlines of thoroughbreds
i wanted to be an archaelogist
i was going to study journalism at college
i didn't go to college once hurricane andrew flattened it
i didn't get financial aid as a hurricane victim for college
i know alot of useless factoids
half of my kids were born on the 14th of the month
i was born on midsummer's day
i watch asteroid/meteor storms in the middle of the night
i wake the kids up to watch them too
i can find the andromeda galaxy without a star chart
i had 2 "boyfriends" named andy at the time of hurricane andrew
i believe it was an omen to avoid the andy's
i bought my wedding dress months before my husband proposed
i hate the number 15, wouldnt count it as a child
i wont use silverware once it has touched a restraunt table
i over analyze things
i have had firemen visit my house atleast 3 times
i pick up accents easily, a military brat defense mechanism
i loose my "R" 's when i am sleepy or when i sing
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