Thursday, August 31, 2006


i cast on for this. i know! i know! another project! BUT I FINISHED the entralac danika scarf.
am i insane enough to use the tilly thomas this pattern requires? no. $280 in yarn for one top...with out the sparkles, with sparkles $320! i admit it would be heavenly... instead, remember my rayon silk from interlacements. 2 skeins of 1200 yds.... $18 each? it is stash yarn! so even though summer of stash ends this weekend, my project is a stash one. hurray!
i will be using that. and cuz i always have to change my needle size, this will be perfect. ( i knit loose) i have been wanting something special for it, cuz it is soo pretty.
the pattern is by OSW's designer, and it too is knit neck down, all in one piece. it will be intersting to see how much they share in their shaping.
oh, and those cute shoes... would go great with it too. after not buying new shoes for ...ayear! i got 2 pairs this last month. :-) i love shoes. and they were on sale of course.
gotta finish packing for joshfest. (my new doc marten's wont fall off in the mosh pit. whoohooo!)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The weekend is coming!

Can you imagine 110 bands on 4 stages?
Camping and eating with the bands?
Seeing proskaters teach your kids how to ollie, and kick flip?
watching your husband fly across a moshpit... this is part of how he found me, so it is nostalgic.
Going to see medrith and learning arch shaping cuz she knows meg swansen?
some of the bands we have seen atleast 6 times now, but i am soo looking forward to all the indie bands and the all night techno dance party....just joking, that was like 6 hrs of the same song all night! so annoying!

Anyone else going?

Colour Swap

it is a really fun month. Neutrals. it has been very interesting to see how this theme has been interpreted. i did "non-colours" tones of black and white. Becca picked such elegant sand and creme colours. in my box was a perdita kit. she must have a spybot on my computer and know i printed out the pattern last week! the round box contianed the pearl cotton and there are the perfect colour beads to go with it. the water bottle is a lifesaver for this weekend's trip to quincy , the wool room and joshfest. it is so fun, i really like it.
can you see the felted pin cushion/holder. i love the way the swirl happens in the fibers. 3 balls of a sensous yarn. any ideas??? seashells which the girls who are mermaid obsessed are so excited about. white tea scented spray/lotion, and a magnetic beach pad for the fridge. thank you so much nutmeg knitter!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Thank you Mr. Ashford

I wrote to Ashford about my rappard spinning wheel. Mr. ashford wrote back! that is kinda cool. He had some one send me the assembly instructions for my 1978 wheel.
apparently it is both a double drive and scotch tension set up. i have it on just double drive. can some one explain the other one????
what is that? i think i may be missing the brake band/tension knob parts. and there is a rusty stretched spring.

it goes on the opposite side of what i have in the picture i think, and there is a hole i thought just needed a cap kind of cover????

any thoughts? which do you prefer...if you spin that is?

here is the other side of the wheel.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Second Swap Syndrom Swap Q's

. What are you favorite sock yarns? idk, but in my stash i have a few balls of sockotta, lang Jawool, a couple lorna's laces colourways and 1 ball of koigu and a ball of opal waiting for attention
2. What are your least favorite sock yarns? Anything you just cannot use? i used K1C2 wick for socks but it snags on any dry skin so i had to keep my hands lotioned up.
3. What method do you prefer to use (DPN's, 2 circs, 1 circ, etc.) i havent decided which way i like best yet. i have done 2 circs, and magic loop, and am trying METAL DPN's to compare them to bamboo. i dont like brittany wooden DPN's very much, cept for their short lengths
4. Is there any method that you cannot use? nope
5. What are you favorite colors?victorian and renaissance palettes... Cobalt blue, dk green, burgandy, eggplant, coco brown, aqua. I love colour!
6. Are you a beginner, intermediate, or more advanced sock knitter? intermediate
7. Any other info you want to share (such as other likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc)? i studied botanic art/illustration, fiddled with violin before the last baby (need to find a way to pick that up again), i learned to use a drop spindle and am still figuring out my wheel.
8. What size is your foot (so your partner can create the right size sock)?a short, wide, high arched size 6. 9" length, 9"circum :-)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My one skein pal, thought i knew who she was! lol! i had no clue! and it was some one i a blogworld sense of knowing...comments and emails. Suzie of purlygates AND the knitter's tea swap! she made me a lovely bag and sent the colinette yarn to make another....and ofcourse, tea! the lil button is a domino that was painted and gilded. very cute! thank you so much!
majolica noni. felted. can you see the extra dimmension it has, each colour curves. it was an unexpected touch!

editted to add: Noni majolica vase bag. i got mine at heartstrings in chico, but and filati carry the patterns
inside the majolica

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

from our day with Lesa. the girls resting in the chico

Mazel Tov

Here is a picture of the happy couple. Go to their myspaces to see more photos.

As for wedding are a few of those. There was a rumor of no photographs during the wedding, but knowing how rebellious i am... lol! here are some of my kids and the bride and groom. after all that work on the dresses, we were going to get pictures!

Wedding party
Chris and Mandy:)
Tirzah lighting candles
Kezzi lighting the candles
Chai and Jaden

Monday, August 21, 2006

For the sock fanatics

Sockret pal swap is accepting sign ups. limited to the first 100 people.
Sp9 sign ups begin in 10 days....really, they do.

Stand by for the next Knitter's tea swap which should have sign ups soon.

any other swaps you know about that you think are fun?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

SP8, and stuff

in the midst of chaos, a wonderful lil package arrived.
super cute ladybug note cards and stickers of all kinds of bugs!
bella was very excited about the bugs and wanted one of her own b4 i could even read " the stickers are for the kids" part of the note. tirzah decided on a pretty bug, turns out it was a louse! we all had a good giggle over that.
we spent forever at the mall (and yes 3 hours with 6 kids does in fact equal an eternity), but i got the cutest shoes! and they match my outfit for the wedding perfect. lets hope they dont kill my feet after... 11am-6pm in them. i have been known to go barefoot, though not as oftem as my mom... who said. "those are cute shoes and i do not even like shoes" upon finding them. grand total for the outfit $45 inc shoes. if it wasn't on sale...$150 plus tax. this of course will not surprise miss chris who follows me to find good deals in!
we are working on bella's dress. i was very disappointed in penney's and sears for not having anything remotely fancy. i was always able to count on penney's. so we picked up a pattern to match her sisters' dresses and cut some fabric from the stash...yes i have not only yarn, but fabric stashed...
do you think bubbe can sew it together b4 sat morning? actually friday, since she leaves for a camping trip? fingers crossed!

Saturday, August 12, 2006


My hubby is camping til sunday, so we are trying to get some things done. i didnt get home til 12:30 am. kids fell asleep about an hour later so we are having a late, Day. watched the race horses, called grandad-who raises thoroughbreds and picked our winners. mine placed 2nd!
I had a lovely time with chris, lucy, jenn's mom. hung out at the LAN thing...pinning hems for the wedding. 7 more days!!!!
today the kids have musical practice/BBQ. but in the midst of all that.... my dryer is fixed!!!! yippee. 3 mons later....i can dry clothes in my house again.
i got some wonderful patterns from betsy of cultured purl.

i can't wait to try the diamond modular knitting! i learned to knit backwards which will help with all the flipping around of the shapes/entrelac.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Brooke said i needed to practice so i got my wheel out, oiled it in a few spots with a dropper and lavendar baby oil....cuz i am out of everything else and it smells pretty. I made a threading hook from copper wire and got to treadling.

I got it to actually put the yarn onto the bobbin. i grabbed some leftover mega stoppino, cuz it is like roving. it spun from bulky weight to fingering weight!

Shelby wants us to dig deep in our closets and bring out our WIP's or UFO's. So here we go. i have:
Picovoli KP mainline in cocoa. US6
this lost 3" atleast yesterday when i realized i had increased at the the beginning of the round. not the sleeves.

Noni Camelia
Cascade 220
i just need to get this thing done!

Entrelac Danicka
Noro Silk Garden US7
so i learned how to purl backwards, without turning it around! this makes this project soo much faster! so i need to get this finished too. I had left it at knitwits for so long. i brought it home last week to try and get it done. notice the "repair" in my lantern moon. super glue and tissue paper to reinforce the break. i hate lantern moon. but they feel so yummy.....

Lady Elanor
Blue Heron Rayon metalic
i have not tried the ourling backwards tech on this. it is slick. but i do not know if i want to rip it out yet. deciding on width... love the colourway of this yarn!

Flower basket shawl sockotta in a denimy colourway i think it is on a US5....i havent touched it since tali-lolli's hospital stay in January. oops!
i have the interweave version and the fibertrends one. which do you like better? charts? written instruction? both?

as a bonus, see the yarn i spun saturday?

Monday, August 07, 2006

August schmogust

my hubby had my computer disconnected for Friday's LAN party. i now have it all put back together. soo i have fun things to tell you.
sat Jessica and i went to spinning class. my cousin thought i was going to the gym. no, the original type of spinning! we made yarn. real yarn. and let me tell you, PLYing is magical! thank you brooke who loaned the drop spindle out, and jessica's pal who sent her "dowls with hooks". it was soo fun. now i just have to figure out the wheel thing. but i love the drop spindle. while we were down there we said hi to jenn's mom at filati's. hopefully we can get down there and see jenn.

bella's dentist cut her mouth. her face swelled up. and it "ulcered". i promise, no pictures! it has been a week of antibiotics and cranky kid, but it looks soo much better! but now i dont want to go back to the dentist.

we had a week of vbs. hoho and madyface were the girls teachers so they came home with the go bananas dance. shmin and mkay had all the boys doing the dance at youth group. that was so funny to watch! chai was in debra's fabulous igloo class and jadey and bella had a winter wonderland complete with slushy unmelting snow stuff.

we had some wonderful summer missionaries hanging out with us. i ofcourse taught them to knit. :-D. i didnt want them to forget me,ya know. now they can't. everytime they drop a stitch they will wonder why they let me convince them they NEEDED TO KNIT.

oooh! my favourite rock star just called! i heart cycle down. we are getting ready for joshfest and cant wait to see everyone in quincy. anyone else going to joshfest? i will meet you at the wool room when we aren't in the mosh pit!
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