Tuesday, June 27, 2006

stuff and nonsense

my sp8 sent me a book for my birthday. "felted crochet" it has alot of fun things in it. i had not thought of felting lace before. can't wait to try it.

the kids are off at camp gilgal for the next 2 weeks. chai did not even bring a stuffie with him. and he went immediately off with the teenage boys. the girls were greeted by friends from the years before. so now i am left with half my kids for the next two weeks. we have been lounging at my mom's house where it is much cooler than the 102-104 degrees at our house.
we may think itis too hot to move but tali disagrees. she walks over 10 steps unassisted now. and sudden crawls REALLY fast. her great grandmama will be visiting next week, so she must be getting ready to show off.

tomorrow some of the girls and i will be off to sacramento. we are going to try to stop at as many yarn stores in the area as we can and then head home. summer of stash exception of course was excursion yarn buying! heehee

yes, my birthday was lovely. much better than last year's 9 hour as the ER waiting for stitches!
(a sobe bottle and a 3 yr old)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

book updates.
i know you will laugh

but the other night i had NOTHING to read.
so here are the books i have finished:
ted dekker's circle trilogy (black, red, and white)
no idle hands, social history of american knitting ( not as boring as it sounds. i enjoyed it)
a bride most begruding
blink-ted dekker
the assignment markandrew olsen
lawana blackwell a chair by the window
taggerung brian jacques
pride and prejudice jane austen

Monday, June 19, 2006

the haul from YarnLore. 2 cakes of purple, green, and yellow cotton sock yarn for girls' matching socks, hand dyed. tirzah's rayon, knitting magnets $1.50 needles and other fun sale stuff. tirzah is plotting her projects.

birthday books from my inlaws (amazon gift card. i had the knitting on the road but some one borrowed it and it has been months, so i dont know who any more. oops.) and lush alpaca silk yarn from jessica for my bday. "the mitten" book the kids already stole. Thank you jessica! hope camp faith factor is a blast!

today my color swap box from Sara came too.
she claims to be a bad gifter!
but this is a great box! ribbons, yarn, candles, flip flop clips that the girls think are very cool, needles. all in shades of june blue.
the montgomery ,al magnet is now on the fridge. my mom was most excited about that. lol! i will email you why! thanks!

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Jillian told me the petal bib was a quick knit and not to wait till i finished otther things. it was a great instant gratification project! worked between here and greenville.... in the future it will take longer cuz "some people drive 40 in a 55" lol! peaches and cream in petal pink i think half a ball. gonna try to get a 2nd out of it. instead of the icord/applied icord. i crocheted the strings and used a crochet bind off. WAY FASTER!!!!
UCDavis has some great kids stuff in their waiting room which the girls enjoyed (tirzah and tali all others were at home.)
my world cup tivoli. love it so far but the placement for waist decreases are not matching up so i need to figure that out or leave them out... mikado ribbon from crystal palace in "jungle"

tirzah and talia in the hotel room. no germy bed spreads. thanks "dirty jobs" guy! i also lysoled the remote, phone, and alarm clock.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Tirzah Update

We had a nice trip to Sacramento, although we all would have liked better circumstances. It was Tirzah's first time in our capitol. She described it to bubbe on the phone whose reaction was "You'd think you took her to Paris."
The pediatric clinic is full of kid friendly decor and games, so that made even the wait nice. Tirzah introduced Tali to the baby in the fun house mirror which kept them both entertained quite nicely.
So far her kidney's are good. This stage of HSP can last 10 yrs. This is just a starting point really. We have to monitor her blood pressure and were given other things that point to renal failure. While she does not need bed rest, Tirzah must slow down when she is feeling sore, achey... instead of playing thru it.
Also her picky diet can be signs of something weird going on too. ( a few more things for a dramatic child. lol!)
So we go back in September. THERE IS NO TREATMENT. I guess this is why the Dr told us when she was first going thru tests that it might be better if it were leukemia, because they can treat that. The steroids only kinda help and have their own side effects. A virus, allergy, etc... can cause things to act up, but there is no "cause" for it.

Pray for Tirzah, for joints, inner workings, etc.. Her attitude is fabulous, pray it continues. Divine healing would be a plus. She really wants to go to camp. I am not sure how this will happen, it also will depend on how she is feeling. But it is where her friends are. ( I am getting used to the preteen 3 way phone calls. May they always be happy and friendly!) We had such a good time together. When did Tirzah become a graceful young lady with long finger nails and not my fat baby?

My inlaws leave in the morning. We had a lovely day in Greenville. Visited their Fabulous yarn store where Tirzah and i both indulged...a summer of stash exception remeber. NO LOCAL SHOPPING for yarn. (sides pa wouldnt stop in sacramento. he was a guy on a mission and we did not divert from the plan/reason we came) Hand dyed, 350 yds for $3??? how could we not buy it? also inox needles were $1.50! so we are going to try them. shop Yarn Lore while it is still there. It wont be much longer. Pictures from the week eventually will be posted...

Thanks for thinking about us and praying for us this week! XXXOOOOXXXOOO

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

We are off to Sacramento.
Please keep Tirzah in prayer. She has had a rough week. i am glad after waiting 3 1/2 MONTHS that she still has symptoms, but I also hate that she still is sick.
Pray they find a source for the bleeding, that there is no permanent damage and that they can do all the tests they need to ASAP.

Also, we have family from Colorado coming in this weekend, kids leave for camp monday, and we are trying to get teens off to camp to. this weekend will be our first "day off" since April and he wont have another for almost 3 more weeks after that.. So pray for Sam to have a chance to relax and just be with his family.
Thanks for all your prayers

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Summer reading challenge

since a picture is worth a thousand words.
my lil stack. you can see the ruffles of the bassinet poking into the picture. my post-it highlighter. and one of my $2 set of lamps we got and rewired.

one skein, two skein, three skeins, four

i got some really yummy mail. interlacements rayon silk, and my teachef tea for june.
then the best smelling box ever from my one skein pal...who really sent 2 skeins. lol! the candles in this box made the post office, my car and my mom's smell fabulous. malbrigio in stone chai which we promounce "Ki" cuz of my son. heehee. thank you pal!


We had a lovely day. But every one will probably complain that i put their picture up. heehee.
bella and hannah knitting together is my favourite!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Socks for sheep, llamas and lots of other things people need

there is an organization Heifer Int'l that raises money to help end hunger in villages (kinda like One Life Revolution - "you have only 1 life...do something".)
Alot of the items are resources to fight hunger for more than just a meal, such as:

-- Knitting Basket: $500.00--
Share of a Knitting Basket: $50.00--
A Full Llama: $150.00--
Share of a Llama: $20.00--
A Full Sheep: $120.00--
Share of a Sheep: $10.00--
Trio of Rabbits: $60.00--
Share of Rabbits: $10.00--
A Full Goat:$120.00--
Share of a Goat: $10.00--
A Full Pig: $120.00--
Share of a Pig: $10.00--
Chicks: $20--
Bees: $30

Yarn Pie and january one are raising money and have prizes for donations.
so if you have too many booga bags, and other fiber related items you can donate them to yarn pie's church craft bazaar, and if you wanna donate money january one puts you in a registry. Either or both ways there have fun prizes for givers. And you get to help alot of people. Cuz some people do not have the priviledge of just sitting and knitting...for fun or profit.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Let the games begin. So i finally wound my yarn. Some Hawaii from interlacements that i worked for a year ago. it was supposed to be a clapotios. but it will be something more wearable now....
The week is getting crazier...ok maybe staying as crazy as it began with the car incident! lol! I may vanish altogether.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

remember cute lil jaden?

"daddy. can i sit in the front seat of your car on the way home? "
so we put the baby in the car seat. get our stuff ready to go after a lovely lasagna at bubbe's.
crashing and screams later.....

jaden got INTO THE CAR...LEAPED OVER AND LOCKED the other door so he could be only kid in the car. knocked the brake off.
the car goes down the driveway, hits a 2 foot rock, knocks it out in the ditch, and rests atop.

luckily the neighbors have a floor jack cuz they are mechanics and a few spare floor beams later...

the car if out. needs a new bumper, trunk repair, a dented gas tank, paint, dents in the side of the car...

teaswap pal... thanks for anawesome box! boy do i need a "bloomin" cup of tea!!!
editted to add: the carseat was in the livingroom. she never made it in, that was just as tirzah screamed. we all thought there wasa mauling dog loose on the kids... jaden is ok only b/c daddy and pa stayed away from him for a few hours!! ;-) kezzi fell apart after cuz she tried to get him out as it started to roll and was terrified! poor mama kezzi, jadey is her baby after all.

Monday, June 05, 2006

on a drive

their idea of a good time....

my idea...finger lights for night time knitting. the cheap version of glow in the dark needles

Saturday, June 03, 2006


From June 2 to September 1.... no yarn. use my stash!

Exceptions: out of town/special trips Sac, Quincy, Sonora.... and minimal purchase! (just 3 days out of a summer...)

I can buy books, needles, patterns... and if i wind up being a lil short on a project, the yarn to finish it...like 1-2 balls, NOT 6. Ofcourse gifts for swaps don't count either. but no stash enhancing!
Final exception tkga master's requirements if i don't have what i need.
Tirzah and Kezzi are joining me in this.
Wish us luck and pray for us!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Mary janes. green for may and thought with all the jane austen reading they were the perfect slippers. just need a edge crocheted on and the strap...oh and slipper #2 for each colour.

from my yard.
bella has this thing about Hawaii.
these are hers, miss hula.
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