Friday, December 22, 2006

The week in review

so monday we went to UCDavis. after a week of local dr and tests that were a bit scary.... her urine was RED! for heaven sakes! so after our chanukah party, everyone prays for tirzah.
monday they test her again at UCD. NO Protien. NO hemoglobins. nada. except for some residule joint aches, she is fine. the dr is baffled.
growing up in a home where my mom didnt drive, if my dad had to miss work and take us to the Dr, we had sooo better be sick. so i have no idea how to take this. "what do you mean she is ok?! she wasn't 4 days ago."
tirzah is just glowing. she is so excited, cuz this means to her that she can still work with aids orphans in africa and adopt them. this is her goal for her life right now. there are lil dark twin dolls at the store that she has to touch everytime she goes near them.
All is well.

at least with tirzah.
Sam's dad had a stroke monday. so we come home to all kinds of messages. he is freaking out cuz we are not in denver anymore, his brother is in minnesota. after they stabalize my FIL, and send him home. 3 ft of snow gets dumped on denver. his blood pressure is wayoutside normal again, but there is no way they can drive to the hospital. MIL is a medical assit. so she can atleast monitor things. today he is doing much better.

in themidst of all the monday stuff a box arrives.

i have a wonderful pal. i! all the packages have lil notes, which i peeled off and saved. there was soo much in this box! rowan wool, sock yarn, roving, dreidel filled with M&M's, eucalan, point protectors and stitch holders to save what knitting i have done, A DELLA Q silk bag, a wonderful maxlucado journal- i love him! , a car dice game to occuppy kids!, chocolate, note to help me regain some sense of organization in this crazy life, and it just goes on and on!

ignore the larryboy wiseman in the phot, tali was playing with the veggie nativity.

Thank you pal for the lovely and wonderfully timed box! You ROCK!


cecily said...

aaaaah, veggietales rocks.

just thought i'd put that out there. i've missed participating in secret pal. i'm doing the livejournal knockoff version, and it's nowhere near as fun!

Pennie said...

cool gifts, this round is great for me :) thank you for all you do.

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