Saturday, December 30, 2006


so, to remind you to vote for the wicked awesome david crowder band, i changed the music on my blog. (david crowder band-undignified)
currently they are a point ahead of INXS. if INXS had made marty front the band, i would not be so passionately wanting them to not win. but THEY PICKED JD!
so since david crowder band is a totally awesome group of guys, vote alot!


Pennie said...

Happy New Year

I like the song you have playing too :)

Knit 2007 into something wonderful

Brooke said...

Okie dokie! I voted :)

2trees said...

Hehe. I liked MiG best. :)

Polly said...

I didnt like JD either but you knew he was in from the beginning since he sounds so similar to Michael Hutchence, and let's face it, their bread and butter is their old catalog, not anything new.


brooke said...

Your radio "busts" me anytime I go blogging at work - darn you!! Will I see you at KnitWits tonight?? Do you know how to convert euros to US dollars? My blog host wants me to pay for my blog now 3,755 euros a month for a 1 year subscription.

Jessica said...

WOO HOO!!! they won! :D
and now switchfoot is up for best of the month!

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