Saturday, December 02, 2006


so you might get offended....
but give me a lil extra grace, anyways.

i am not someone who is easily categorized, labeled, boxed up and contained well. who i am offends christians, jews, gentiles....something i write is bound to make you gasp at some point!
but that doesn't change that a 100 things about me, and it is who i am...

i am a jew.
i believe that Jesus is the Messiah.
i am passionately in love with Sam
my mom is my best friend
i have a pastor for a father.
i have an arab for a brother.
i have lesbian and gay friends.
i have 6 kids.
there are over 20 people missing in my family from abortion.
i like barack obama and would vote for him to be president.
i love to debate politics, issues of faith, life...
i love people passionately
i hate lies
i want to pursue truth and live with integrity
i will fail some times, guarenteed
i have some red heart in my stash
i have kissed the face of aids
i would have 10 more kids as long as we could adopt them
i am pro military
i am a zionist
i do not like most hymns
i know all the lyrics to Queen's songs
i can not clap and sing at the same time
i am the first one on my mother side born on US soil
my family was in a concerntration camp
the otherside of my family has been here since the revolutionary war
we were both yankees and confredates
i can cuss in german, arabic, italian, hindi and spanish
i know hebrew litugry by memory only
i love jeans
i hate dresses
i love elaborate balls
i graduated at 15
i love shoes
i cant wear shoes in the car
i cook crazy exotic gourmet foods
i can't cook "easy" normal meals
i am afraid of failure
i have 16 college credits
i wont study for a test
i need atleast 5 bookcases for the books i have
i need more books
i have 2 violins
i can play 3 songs on them
i love quiet
i hate to be alone
i want to be a vegeterian
i love steak
i am addicted to my email
people who do not blog regularly annoy me
i love to write thank you cards
i always forget to mail the thank you cards
i am allergic to peaches
i had a babysitter once for my kids
i had dr appts and chunks of flesh to tend to after the babysitting incident
it takes me along time to forgive
i fogive completely when i get around to it
i love sales and clearances
i believe barney the dinosaur is evil
i wanted to marry remi, an italian cartoon character
i love being snow bound
i hate being cold
i love TV
i have to knit while watching TV or i feel like i am wasting time
i don't think there is anything special about me
i spoke before the state senate
i have marched in protest at the nation's capitol
i have protested at state capitols
i was homeschooled illegally as a child
i attended 8 schools before i left elementary
i adopted a manatee
i hate florida
i miss florida's produce
i had a pice hang in an art exhibit
i love old books
i am scared of scary movies
i like order
i live in chaos
i have SIX lumbar vertebrae like a horse instead of 5 like people
i have had horse breath blown into my own nostrils
i wanted to study the bloodlines of thoroughbreds
i wanted to be an archaelogist
i was going to study journalism at college
i didn't go to college once hurricane andrew flattened it
i didn't get financial aid as a hurricane victim for college
i know alot of useless factoids
half of my kids were born on the 14th of the month
i was born on midsummer's day
i watch asteroid/meteor storms in the middle of the night
i wake the kids up to watch them too
i can find the andromeda galaxy without a star chart
i had 2 "boyfriends" named andy at the time of hurricane andrew
i believe it was an omen to avoid the andy's
i bought my wedding dress months before my husband proposed
i hate the number 15, wouldnt count it as a child
i wont use silverware once it has touched a restraunt table
i over analyze things
i have had firemen visit my house atleast 3 times
i pick up accents easily, a military brat defense mechanism
i loose my "R" 's when i am sleepy or when i sing


Anonymous said...

Nothing special about you? Please refer to the rest of the list--you are an incredibly interesting woman. sp9 pal

knitknak said...

I think you are incredibly interesting and most definately special! ok, I just read the post above this....after I typed the first sentence...freaky.
You never cease to amaze me with your interests, experiences, views and conviction. I love it! Thanks for sharing.

ps... I had a deja-vu moment tonight while teaching my sister to turn a heel! Thank you for that!

2trees said...

I also know that you like to scrape paint off old doors.
...I'm still waiting to be offended.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting to be offended. I love that you are willing to be so many "contradictions" out there. I would be more offended by those that are offended by your honesty and integrity. If you forced your opinions and views, then that might be something else but you don't. You are a wonderful, beautiful person I count as a friend. (and I'm Mormon so we can go offending all kinds of folks together!!!hehe)

Ayelet said...

Offended? more like.. intrigued :)
Can you really be a Zionist if you don't live in Israel? (hey, gotta give you a reason to be offended too, don't I? :P

Heather said...

That was a lovely list!

Anonymous said...

A Jew who believes Jesus was the Messiah? Fabulous!!!

I'm a Christian Buddhist who is is investigating Kabballah [and I'm sure I spelled that way wrong] and learning to read tarot ;)

I offend freely. Welcome to the club !!

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is I think most people are filled with contradictions, but we hide them from others, for fear of not "fitting in" (whatever that really is!). It's when we can be transparent and open about our inner contradictions that we can connect with others. That's what Jesus did, isn't it?
Thanks Heather for fearlessly being transparent! You're awesome!

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