Wednesday, December 27, 2006

fiberlicious part2

brooke had surprise waiting for me. a fragrant lavendar yarn package with beads, should make up a great beaded scarf! the lavendar soap is no encased in the lovely bag jessica made me. it smells sooo good! the SWS from patons knits up so pretty!
then a bigger surprise. my MIL said she bought me some yarn. i was praying "please dont let it be redheart, and if it is make me like it". and look what came!!! austerman step and misti alpaca! whoohoo! isnt it wonderful? i am sooo spoiled!


hollyeqq said...

How cool. You really had a fiber Christmas. I had to buy my own! My family loves to get gifts from me, but they don't buy me yarn. Hmmmppph. I have hinted enough times. Oh well.
Happy New Year.

Jessica said...

Thank you again for my lovely orange yarn!!! :)

oh, and i had to use that colorway of sws because it reminded me of your needle case! :)

Vicki Hannon said...

Hi....could you please do some more or tell me where I can get more Jewish knitting Thanks!!!!!

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