Saturday, November 04, 2006


my friend bambi spoke at a confrence today. it was wonderful. she did such an incredible job. and this soulful wonderful voice came out of her and filled the room as she sung.
they had booths there. one featured hand crocheted items from kosovo. the name on the was who had made it. i bought this one.

the lighting is
bad, the flash was off. but i thought it would make a lovely challah cover. it is size 30 probably cotton mercerized thread. about 18 inches at its longest point. and has nine stars which is half of 18. and 18 is Chai- life. it will go with the russian shawl i brought home from moscow and the knit baby hat from estonia. and the linens of my great grandmother. my own fiber museum is taking shape.


lorinda said...


Anonymous said...

This is stunning! What an insprirational piece, thank you for sharing it with us. Just makes you sigh a breath of wonder.

kathy said...

How beautiful! What a fantastic piece for you to now cherish. BTW, love your choice in music - I went to see Audio Adrenaline live this past Saturday, and it was awesome!

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