Thursday, November 23, 2006

Don't let those turkey's get you down!

Today is a day for family get togethers.
Which can be really great, or really not.
i have a wonderful family, which i am with most days not just holidays.
our thanksgiving will be with 4 generations as usual. we also have a tradition of taking in single people with nowhere to go for thanksgiving. When i lived in Italy this was especially true, wall to wall GI's, so you could barely walk! i love it. i love tons of people at holidays...sam...well he tolerates this in me. :-) that is why we have 6 kids, so i can have a house full of people and he doesnt have to go anywear. ( he is sick and still in bed, poor baby!)
we have 8 pies, pumpkin cake 1 bay leafed/garlic turkey (cuz we live in a bay tree paradise) and a masala turkey with cranberry curry cornbread stuffing and mango ginger chutney, cuz even though our indian friends wont be with us today, they left a lasting impact on our lives and palettes.

Thanksgiving is a tricky holiday in our house. touching the bird makes me puke. so sam cleaned it and stuffed it for me so i can eat it tonight. also since my entire adult life i have been pregnant or breastfeeding, there is the added child on the otherside of the gate screaming cuz mommie is basting the bird or the year we spent at the hospital cuz pregnant girls should not lift 25lb turkeys in and out the oven.
this year luckily i just have the leech baby. people tell me i am going to miss it one day, that i should relish these moments with the last baby.
after a decade of it, i currently doubt i will miss it. but when she is 15, i swear i will remind her there was a day i couldn't move or breathe without her being attached! with that said i leave you with this:

For those of you who have a problem relative to deal with today. next year make them this hat to wear!


Life's a Stitch said...

Oh my goodness - that hat! LOL

We do Cdn TDay and freeze some to pull out on US T-Day. So, tonight I ate leftover leftovers.

Old Knitter said...

That is one ugly hat . . . speaking of hats I finished the Monkee hat entry (see my bog) . . . I didn't cook on Thanksgiving day (went to granddaughter's other grandparents house) . . . but did cook the turkey dinner on Friday because no matter what anyone says . . . THANKSGIVING LEFTOVERS ARE THE BEST!!!

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