Thursday, October 19, 2006

we have a winner!

as people entered into the contest, they were given a # according to who entered first. then using the magic "random number generator", a number was chosen. then i decided to do it again cuz it was fun. so we have 2 winners.
if you are #30 or #16 , you win!!!!!!


hahaha you do not know who that is?
you dont know your #?

well of the 62 people who entered BEFORE 11:11pm Pacific Time yesterday October 18, #16 is Lorinda and #30 is Melissa
email me your mailing addresses and i will send you a present!


lorinda said...

Loving the music feature. And thanks for the prize! Love you Random Number Generator!!!!!!

Bea said...

As always I'm a bit confused! Does this mean even though I wasn't in your SP9 group I couldn't entered?

Bleh. I want a prize too :o) Maybe next time?

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