Monday, October 09, 2006


we had a family sukkot celebration up at the black buttes on saturday. the weather was perfect. the drive was wonderful. i love the smell of the local myrtle trees.
yesterday was pastor appreciation...lots of desserts and some wonderful presents. gift certificate to sophia's thai! how awesome is that!? in a small town there are few choices for dinner, especially after 7pm. :-) this is our favourite place. the kids however choose ihop. which is where we ate tonight. funny face pancakes rock!

our week is pretty crazy, which is why i got my sp9 matches out last week.
(10 days left in the contest, be sure to read the end of the previous post for details.) i tried to mail a few swap packages, but forgot it was a holiday today. so that goes on tomorrow's list...after farmer's market ofcourse. (eat local!)
simcha torah is coming up this weekend. we have a friday night service to prepare for. i am watching everything align and am amazed. when we first moved here from denver, i thought we would never celebrate any feast or holiday outside our home. it is starting to feel homey, which is weird for a girl without a home town. :-)
after simchat torah the girls' bdays are happening this weekend too. tirzah's 11th and tali's 1st. i hope to get tirzah's project done this week, tali's sherwood sweater will be for chanukah it looks like. :-( i am using a lilac shade of lullaby that heartstrings had in grab bags. the whole thing will be under $5!
oh! cynthia got my second sock syndrom package i sent. the sock fit! hurray. so you can see what i was making at her blog


Anonymous said...

Get ready to be spoiled, lady! I'm your pal for sp9.

ladylinoleum said...

I'm so happy you're feeling at home and the holidays are proving successful!

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