Tuesday, October 24, 2006

SP9 contest 2

besides the fact that in my group there are alot of grey's anatmoy fans, i also have alot of monkey fans. so in honour of that, i challenge my group and anyone else who wants to join in....
to make a mike nesmith hat!
i assume everyone knows you mike nesmith is...of the monkees

still have no idea?
watch this
or this
or even this

typically this is a green beanie with a pompom atop.
HOWEVER there are some photos showing him with a blue one.

you can choose to make either one. if you make one in each colour you will be entered into a bonus round!

the rules:
hats must be made of wool.
can be knit or crocheted
must have the pompom
must be completed by dec 2.

leave comments on your progress and blog addy so i can see the finished hats.


lorinda said...

What a great contest! And bonus entries for knowing what Mike's mom invented?

Sarah said...

I know! Liquid Paper!

Cyndilou :) said...

FYI, Mike also wore a white hat once (same style) with a white suit, I believe either in Head or in 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee. Yes, I am a Monkee-maniac, even got backstage at the 30th anniversary concert. :D Somehow I doubt they are working on a 40th for next year...

knitknak said...

Hey Hey....hehehe

goodkharmabunny said...

Oh lots of fun, my family have just danced around the room for a happy few minutes! With my two year old looking agog at us.Thank you!
al x

brooke said...

OK, your radio is a total bust! I have to quickly hit the stop button so the boss man does not know I am surfing blogs at work.. shame on you Yenta - shame!!

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