Thursday, October 12, 2006

Second sock syndrom

my postmen, bob and steve, swear they did not do this to my box, that it arrived like this.
inside the mangled cardboard were some wonderful treasures. i love my new della q bag! it had some great accessories and needles inside. and the book i have been wanting for quite some time. my lys ordered ONE copy months ago, and i have been wanting my own for a long time! i am so excited about it!
from the book, the sirrius swock, made in mountain bear foot yarn, same stuff i used for my pal, but obviously a different colour. i love it. it fits perfectly!
the panda tea is another i have been coveting. it is so cute!
i cant wait to try the regia silk yarn.
Thank you Christa!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to see that the box got squished in transit, as it certainly did not look like that when it left my house. I am also super glad that the sock fit.

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