Sunday, October 22, 2006

Random fact fo nicole

before i got married i had a list of 109 things i was looking for in my husband. seriously. 109.

sam was 107 of 109.

so i bought my wedding dress 2 months before he proposed.

i knew.

and yes, he is all 109 now. and i shoulda added "will pick his socks up off the floor" heehee


lorinda said...

Wow. I guess I need to start making a list and checking it twice!

knitknak said...

Sounds like you are a very lucky woman....but, you knew that huh.

Will you make it to KnitWits next Sunday?


Brooke said...

How cute is that?? So, read my blog and then lets talk about when we want to get together and spin. Flooring Man needs to be gone - and then we can re-claim the den!
Happy 12th Anniv. to you and yours!! Both girls have the same b-day?? or just real close? I need to re-read the posts.

Polly said...

Look at you, you got your 100+ wantsmet, yet you're still a little greedy and regret not having #110 ;)

miss ewe said...

Wow, I'd love to see that list. I have a similar list (though slightly shorter). Everything else to do with the list and the person who is everything on it minus 1 is long and illogical. I like your short story much better. You guys are really lucky!

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