Friday, October 20, 2006


new knitty patterns are up. will the curler hat made me seriously think something was wrong with them. a crazy pattern on someones blog is one thing....but what the heck is that?

but then there are the KEW socks. you may not know this but i am a freak about trees....and thus leaves. i studied in denver at the botanic gardens in theit botanic art and illustration program. i dont think i have touched any of my art stuff in 2-3 years. anyways...i desperately want to go to Kew and to the botanic garden in hawaii. so now i have to make these socks! cuz of my short wide feet, it says to use a stretchy yarn. gonna have to figure that one out. i have cascade fixation.... but dont know how its texture will work with the pattern.
this brings me to my LYS. i stopped by yesterday on the way to buy a birthday cake. they are not going to carry noro anymore! so if you want it... go snatch it up while you can! plymouth i guess makes a similarish yarn, though the colours are a bit muted. and it is $3 less a ball. so they will be carrying it instead.
anyway i went to knitwits to find a sport weight wool, which i knew they wouldnt have, but with all the changes...thought i would check. they didn't. so can some one recommend a nice sportweight? should i just check knitpicks?

oh, the cake...cuz i know you are dying to know, was a snickers cake. choc with a peanut butter fluff frosting, carmel topped and then slices of snickers on top of all that. very good! very rich, small pieces were to celebrate marcus' bday.

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Anonymous said...

hello, heather in Ca. this is heather in IN..from christian knitters grouP :). I saw the knitty newsmag and thought the hair curler thing was a bit extreme. some people have TOOO much time on their hands! ugh!

On the Pride and prejudice thing-I LVOE it ! soo much that i am a bit scared to read any other authors take on it...I dont' even like the movies on it-except , of course, for the a&e/bbc version! have you seen that one?

love your blog look-

heather ;)

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