Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Has anyone seen the massive ammount of Darcy/Pride and Prejudice sequel...continuing stories...
suddenly they are everywhere.
i love Pride and Prejudice.
so i am torn. do i want to read any of them? will they do it justice?
if i read them will i be disappointed? has anyone read from the plethora?

My Brother and Sister are still here. a saturday afternoon has grown into several days of fun visiting. after 4 yrs we are soaking up as much of them as we can. the idea of a move has been mentioned. which would mean my niece will get to get hugged on too. i am atleast looking forward to the next visit.

I had a few last minutes matches to send out, waiting on glitches to come back and haunt me.
contest update: winner will be chosen at random.thursday am from all entries received BEFORE 11:11 pm Wed OCTOBER 18th.

For those in driving distance of Chico. a new indian resturaunt is coming!
grand opening is Oct 22! whooohooo!
those lucky enough to go to the farmers market have been able to sample the yumminess! we think Amit rocks! so visit him! tell him his sambar girl sent you. 1410 Park more details? email me. i got a map today. oh he cateers too, both indian and italian food!


Anonymous said...

I haven't tried the P&P tie-ins. I'm such a purist. But I've heard from others that some are good. Check out some reviews here: http://www.pemberley.com/

Mr. Darcy, sigh.

Indian and Italian food? What a combo! I wish I lived closer to you.

Sarah M. said...

I've been going through Jane Austen related fan fiction like it was going out of style lately. So far I've read By A Lady, The Man Who Loved Jane Austen and the first novel in the Fitzwilliam Darcy, A Gentleman series. Once I finish with the Fitzwilliam series, I have Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife and the Jane Austen Mystery series to read. It'd be awesome if there was some sort of book club for all the Jane Austen related fiction readers. I love hearing what other people think of the novels. I had a post on my blog where two other Austen related fiction readers and I talked about some of the novels and it was fun while it lasted. :) Give them a go! Some are great and others are meh. (By a Lady and The Man Who Loved Jane Austen I would check out from the library. Not really worth the price to buy.)

Anonymous said...

I read one follow up novel: Darcy & Elizabeth: Nights and Days at Pemberley
Darcy & Elizabeth: Nights and Days at Pemberley by Linda Berdoll. It is itself a sequel to Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife by the same author. No need to read both as the second book details all the happenings of the first. I was not delighted with the book. It was interesting to see how she handled the development and futures of some of the charactors. I have found that these continuations of Jane Austen's books seem to delight in the addition of racy intimacy that Austen herself would only have alluded to. I think the sequels can be fun to scan through just to see how the many charactors ended up in each author's opinion. My foray into the sequels was rewarded with some interesting charactor lines but was serious lacking Jane Austen's remarkable talent.
For what my opinion is worth!
Love, Julie in Baltimore

Ranee said...

I enjoyed the Jane Austen Book Club, though I didn't agree with all the points the author made, and the Jane Austen Mysteries, but the rest look like modern trash. The one with Mr. Darcy's Daughters, and them being (surprise, surprise) just like the Bennett girls, only dumber, irked me immensely. Especially because it showed both he and Elizabeth to have become parents and lost their sense.

I think it is foolish to try to emulate her writing. She is a one of a kind, and defined the English novel. Trying to write in her style looks amateurish and sophomoric, and tends to devolve into the kind of racy intimacy that someone mentioned above, rather than the understated romance that she really used.

Rebecca said...

NO ONE can every come close to imitating Jane Austen! Most modern day writers can't put themselves back into the mindset of the time, the morals, the norms of society so you KNOW what they will do to this story. My vote is to let well enough alone..I think it would only spoil the beautiful story line or the original P&P. Okay....I'll get off my literary soapbox. It just happens to be a pet peeve I have.

brooke said...

I miss you! We need to spin!! My NOvember is crazy!! My only weekend home is 10/28 and now a halloween party to attend! November is not much better. Does Tali have one of those thinks that they sit in, has wheels and a tray to play and eat?? Those are wonderful - you can "teather" her to your chair and limit her wondering around... less prison like than a playpen and more portable. Also - I want to make the mary jane slippers.. i have to make 5 pair before 11/9 - using a pattern from Creatve Knitting... check out knit wits blog - i think a picture is posted.. Green slipper socks.

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