Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tirzah Update

the picture below was from BEFORE she cut her hair to locks of love.
now she is more grown up and elegant, but i still love that picture.

so, i am not sure if things are going so well with the things we have been trying that the Dr is confused and baffled, or if the Dr is just confused and baffled. different "expert" from the last one we saw.
Tirzah's blood pressure and kidney functions were fabulous. She has some joint pains that are still lingering from this summer's episode but seems to be "dormant" again. we got almost a year and a half this last time with out symptoms, so we are hoping for another year, or two, or 3....
the dr wants to check her for alot of other stuff, one being lupus. is that weird? do kids get lupus? so we are waiting for those results, actually they only call if things are bad, so we are hoping to not hear from them til our next visit in Dec.
so keep praying! things are looking good for tirzah right now. we will still be doing omega3 and aloe juice in the mean time, cuz they seem to be helping alot.
if you want to leave her comments her blog , she would think that was cool

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Lacy Zigzag said...

Hey young lady....just thought I would let you know you are missed. I posted a comment on Tirzah's blog.

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