Tuesday, September 12, 2006

there were crazy bounce houses and slides and water rides for the kids, puppet shows and an arts and crafts building. usually my kids are in pairs but with the layout they suddenly became independent beings and were on different rides and seperate activities from eachother. jaden had 2 friends, which told us " my 2 best friends are arch em-nemies" not to be confused with eNemies, cuz the 2 boys he played with didnt like eachother. lol! being a typical boy, he does not know their names.
the bands were great even though the sound was poorly ixed on the renegade stage and the vocals were horribly drowned out. not bad for emo-screamo music, but sad for the jazz, soul, folk bands that shared the stage. tirzah was part of a "star sighting" someone thought SHE was famous. and boys!! we have enter a new phase of life, there were boys following the girls around and falling all over themselves, being teased for flirting with the girls who were thankfully oblivious! kezzi just wanted to skate, tirzah wanted to see rock stars.

mkay and shelynn worked booths for several bands. there was a competitive "buy my button" match. i think shelynn won them over with her "Brain Excercise" line.

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