Sunday, September 24, 2006 the year 5767....

the year has begun beautifully.
we had a lovely but bust week. i started going to a study my knitting buddy wilma is teaching on wed mornings. not only is there childcare, there are homeschool tutors "so mom's can go to whatever study they want". one of the ladies who were at josh fest doing the kids stuff is the one overseeing this. great idea isnt it? talia is adjusting to the 2 and a half hours away from her mother. i only had to be called in once this week. i ofcourse am dragging my mom along with me. she gets to actually do the lesson while i am in the nursery with tali. she is my notetaker extraordinaire! my sp8 sent a perfect notebook that i am using for this study.

we had a surprise visit from sam's parents (they live in colorado), so we spent the day with them in quincy. ofcourse this meant a visit to the wool room to see the wonderful medrith. i got some lamb's pride for $3 a skein to felt...something... t&k got a skein of yarn each too, and needles . how did we not have those with us?! lol!
the drive gave me time to work on my SSS sock. i need to get that done and into the mail. it is frightening to make a sock for someone who have not met. i have only made socks for my most beloved aunt outside of my immediate area family. fingers crossed for it to fit and for her to like it.

i loaded up on some fabulous deals at heartstrings. $5 grab bags! go visit joanne! she has some fab stuff in and is moving alot of stock to make room. oh! check out her della q needle case for circs! they have sizes on each pocket! $40

lynn i have roadkill at my house. when he is done i will give him to brooke. wheel needs some stablizing so i can spin on it. i guess the stopping thing was not my lack of spinning skill but the wheel saying "help me". it is at my dad's waiting to be redrilled (stripped screws) and the leather piece being replaced.
if anyone goes by yarn basket, bruce is ordering wheel oil, "i will give you a hamburger on tuesday" if you pick it up for me :-) do you know of the "beginning" knitting group from 2 yrs ago, 4 of us now are spinning? what did you start brooke?

oh, and i finally got around to a bloglines account. so i am adding ya'll in. this will keep me from going to sites that have not been updated since oh august and being disappointed. did you know there are people who subscribe to my blog?! that is so weird to me! so if you do not use bloglines, go do it!


Shelby said...

Isn't Bloglines great?? I got an account about halfway through SP8, and subscribed to all of my participants blogs- made it much easier to keep track of who posted and who didn't. I love that I can keep up with everyone in 5 minutes instead of an hour.

lorinda said...

Of course we subscribe to your blog!

Bea said...

As do I!!! I've been subbed for quite some time actually! Congratulations on joining the ranks! :o)

brooke said...

Who is spinning?? Got a call from a lady from the Chico Spinning Guild.. wants to start a group in Paradise... Looks like my house may be the location of some paradise guild meetings. Very cool, hu? We will see.

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