Saturday, August 12, 2006


My hubby is camping til sunday, so we are trying to get some things done. i didnt get home til 12:30 am. kids fell asleep about an hour later so we are having a late, Day. watched the race horses, called grandad-who raises thoroughbreds and picked our winners. mine placed 2nd!
I had a lovely time with chris, lucy, jenn's mom. hung out at the LAN thing...pinning hems for the wedding. 7 more days!!!!
today the kids have musical practice/BBQ. but in the midst of all that.... my dryer is fixed!!!! yippee. 3 mons later....i can dry clothes in my house again.
i got some wonderful patterns from betsy of cultured purl.

i can't wait to try the diamond modular knitting! i learned to knit backwards which will help with all the flipping around of the shapes/entrelac.


Lesa said...

Yay!! I get to see you in a week! I'm flying up early Friday morning, and Duane is coming to get me...I don't know what the plans for the rest of the day are, but I'd love to see you! :) Let me know--or talk to Duane, he knows more than I do. :)

tocspaw said...

I need to learn to knit backwards, too. I'm working on a border that's getting tangled the more I turn it back and fourth - and since I have 24 more repeats to go, that's a lot of tangling! Can't wait to see how your modular bags turn out...

Laura said...

A little off topic, but have you heard from my secret pal? I haven't heard from her in awhile and wanted to make sure all was ok. :)

roni said...

You're just amazing! I don't know what else to say! :)

I am wondering if you have set a date for a class...for...that little swatch to the right of the register...the customer's right... I can't remember the name of the stitch but it looks fancy! hahaha I asked about it at our last knitting Sunday a few weeks ago. And Devvy said, "when we get 3 or more people" I'd like to be one of those three...if I can.
So, just let me know. Thanks!

Lacy Zigzag said...

Yes, as always I am amazed at the deals that Heatherly gets whenever we have shopped together. She has the ability to smell the sales. I walk in kind of in a fog so I don't have that special talent that she does, so what do I do? I follow her around and she helps me. Glad all is going well. You might want to practice wearing the shoes an hour every day so that they don't kill your feet. Miss you. When can we meet for Peacock.
Hugs to you and kids.

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