Monday, August 28, 2006

Thank you Mr. Ashford

I wrote to Ashford about my rappard spinning wheel. Mr. ashford wrote back! that is kinda cool. He had some one send me the assembly instructions for my 1978 wheel.
apparently it is both a double drive and scotch tension set up. i have it on just double drive. can some one explain the other one????
what is that? i think i may be missing the brake band/tension knob parts. and there is a rusty stretched spring.

it goes on the opposite side of what i have in the picture i think, and there is a hole i thought just needed a cap kind of cover????

any thoughts? which do you prefer...if you spin that is?

here is the other side of the wheel.

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sparrow's song said...

This contraption is so seriously cool. I can sew but I can't knit or crochet.

Love your blog colors especially the logo area.

Thank you for using the Israel peace tag. It blesses me. I've had a few people use the tags in myspace and it worked well although I'm not familiar with how myspace is set up.

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