Thursday, August 31, 2006


i cast on for this. i know! i know! another project! BUT I FINISHED the entralac danika scarf.
am i insane enough to use the tilly thomas this pattern requires? no. $280 in yarn for one top...with out the sparkles, with sparkles $320! i admit it would be heavenly... instead, remember my rayon silk from interlacements. 2 skeins of 1200 yds.... $18 each? it is stash yarn! so even though summer of stash ends this weekend, my project is a stash one. hurray!
i will be using that. and cuz i always have to change my needle size, this will be perfect. ( i knit loose) i have been wanting something special for it, cuz it is soo pretty.
the pattern is by OSW's designer, and it too is knit neck down, all in one piece. it will be intersting to see how much they share in their shaping.
oh, and those cute shoes... would go great with it too. after not buying new shoes for ...ayear! i got 2 pairs this last month. :-) i love shoes. and they were on sale of course.
gotta finish packing for joshfest. (my new doc marten's wont fall off in the mosh pit. whoohooo!)


Dipsy D. said...

I so love this pattern, I really have to do it someday soon too! Which version are you going for, the short- or the long-sleeved one? Either one is gorgeous, and I'm so looking forward to seeing your progress pics!
$280 for yarn? Oops... no way could anyone afford this, we knitters are constantly broke, aren't we? ;) But the yarn you chose for using is just perfect, it looks so cozy and will do as perfect a job as the tilly thomas one ;) Happy Knitting!

natasha said...

hi! i am sorry to leave a comment on your blog, but didn't know who to email about advertising or giving a deal for secret pals...please drop me a note or tell me who to talk to.

and i adore your blog name! and your blog is adorable. shout out to jewish knitting bloggers! woot woot!

bubbebobbie said...

I miss you! I am so glad you are having fun and playing with your babies. Today i am missing mine.
Hurry home, mom

AJ said...

I want to do this pattern too, but I agree the yarn that it calls for is a bit pricey!

roni said... was Joshfest????? Did you have a great time?

RheLynn said...

I can't wait to see a sample of this pattern knit up and on someone other than the model! Thanks for the heads up on the yarn as well!

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