Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Shelby wants us to dig deep in our closets and bring out our WIP's or UFO's. So here we go. i have:
Picovoli KP mainline in cocoa. US6
this lost 3" atleast yesterday when i realized i had increased at the the beginning of the round. not the sleeves.

Noni Camelia
Cascade 220
i just need to get this thing done!

Entrelac Danicka
Noro Silk Garden US7
so i learned how to purl backwards, without turning it around! this makes this project soo much faster! so i need to get this finished too. I had left it at knitwits for so long. i brought it home last week to try and get it done. notice the "repair" in my lantern moon. super glue and tissue paper to reinforce the break. i hate lantern moon. but they feel so yummy.....

Lady Elanor
Blue Heron Rayon metalic
i have not tried the ourling backwards tech on this. it is slick. but i do not know if i want to rip it out yet. deciding on width... love the colourway of this yarn!

Flower basket shawl sockotta in a denimy colourway i think it is on a US5....i havent touched it since tali-lolli's hospital stay in January. oops!
i have the interweave version and the fibertrends one. which do you like better? charts? written instruction? both?

as a bonus, see the yarn i spun saturday?

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bubbebobbie said...

Hey if you finish off the shawl beginnings, you have a cute thong!

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