Monday, August 07, 2006

August schmogust

my hubby had my computer disconnected for Friday's LAN party. i now have it all put back together. soo i have fun things to tell you.
sat Jessica and i went to spinning class. my cousin thought i was going to the gym. no, the original type of spinning! we made yarn. real yarn. and let me tell you, PLYing is magical! thank you brooke who loaned the drop spindle out, and jessica's pal who sent her "dowls with hooks". it was soo fun. now i just have to figure out the wheel thing. but i love the drop spindle. while we were down there we said hi to jenn's mom at filati's. hopefully we can get down there and see jenn.

bella's dentist cut her mouth. her face swelled up. and it "ulcered". i promise, no pictures! it has been a week of antibiotics and cranky kid, but it looks soo much better! but now i dont want to go back to the dentist.

we had a week of vbs. hoho and madyface were the girls teachers so they came home with the go bananas dance. shmin and mkay had all the boys doing the dance at youth group. that was so funny to watch! chai was in debra's fabulous igloo class and jadey and bella had a winter wonderland complete with slushy unmelting snow stuff.

we had some wonderful summer missionaries hanging out with us. i ofcourse taught them to knit. :-D. i didnt want them to forget me,ya know. now they can't. everytime they drop a stitch they will wonder why they let me convince them they NEEDED TO KNIT.

oooh! my favourite rock star just called! i heart cycle down. we are getting ready for joshfest and cant wait to see everyone in quincy. anyone else going to joshfest? i will meet you at the wool room when we aren't in the mosh pit!


Heather said...

LAN party? What kind? Just curious [grin]

Jessica said...

it realy was a fun day! :)
Oh! and thank you sooo much for the lavander and the bug!!! The bug works beautifuly! :)

Rebecca said...

Hmmmmm.....VBS ..... and it sounds like you are "infested with children" .... could you, oh could you be my SP8?

Nicole said...

I'm goin' to Josh Fest...yay

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