Friday, July 07, 2006

when you give a kid a camera

.....and say take a picture of my new shirt....

you get a picture of a new shirt.

what you can't see is it is the colour of my eyes.
or the way the increases lined up.

what you can see is that i belong to the "3 B's" group. how the genetics for boobs found me in a family of implants, i will never know!
please ignore the tummy 6 babies have renovated, or i will never post another finished object on!
Picovoli/Tivoli pattern.
i did the 36"size on a US size 6 (it calls for a size 4). addi's mean i have to size down a needle. so if you knit normal on them, a size 7.
mikado ribbon in Jungle, 6 balls
1" of k2,p2 ribbing to keep the bottom edge flat
i added short row shaping obviously..... but when i was making the pattern and deciding if i could actually wear it, i found size made posted, but not what they wore. i tried to get a bra sizer ...but what it says i wear is not what i wear, cuz it only goes up to d cups, and oprah says NOT to wear your sister size but your true size.... so no sister bra sizes!
i am getting frustrated with most patterns cuz they are 42" or 46" bust measurements. i am dead center. 44-44.5" (depends on if tali had her lunch...)
if i make the 42" will i be able to walk into church? do i want to be a sweater girl?
if i make the 46" will it be more matronly?
so if you have any advice on the subject....please let me know. i am happy with how the short row shaping turned out. but need to learn how to use it better. buy amy's book, right?
may be after i have a working dryer. lol!


Miss Tonia said...

It looks great! I am sorta afraid to try that pattern, as I, too, was blessed with the busty gene of the family. But, now that I have seem your's, I may brave it.

Tracey, in MI said... I'm a sistah in the boob-hood.. I gotta make that picovoli.. looks fab!

Lynne said...

Well, it's just beautiful! You are an inspiration to us curvy church girls!

brooke said...

Hey baby - nice boobs! (could not resist the off color comment) I love the sweater! You are an amazing knitter. I am still working on the socks - sweaters much later. And I still need the lesson for the drop stitch scarf thing. Imagine - dropping stitches on purpose. I'll be at LYS on Tuesday.. Spinner is at 6p. Ohh, time management.. Knit on Girlfriend

Jen said...

I love how it turned out and it looks like your short row shaping worked perfectly. Nice job.

stacyo said...

i have the same issue re: boobs and sweater fitting. If I make it to the 46" size, it's ginormous everwhere else. (As my friend's mom used to say: touches you everywher, flatters you nowhere.)

If I make it 42" I could be hired at Hooters. I have Amy's book. Not sure it helped me so much. There was good info in it -- I just have to rewrite my patterns. Which is just a little scary.

I tried short row shaping and wound up with a weird line across the boob that looked terrible. Frog, frog and frog.

I think I'm just scared of starting any new sweater. But I'm sick of scarves. And I have so much beautiful yarn purchased already for sweaters. Ugh. Such a quandry.

Lacy Zigzag said...

The sweater looks great, just missing one thing and that would be your beautiful smile to go with it.

Cerella said...

I'm definitely in the "3 B's" group as well! The sweater looks awesome!

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