Friday, July 21, 2006

OS pal

i have no idea where the camera is. it is too hot to even look. but!
i got a great package from my one skein pal.
tali had really done in her petal bib, cuz i refuse to just let it go unused. so i was thinking as i did the laundry how much i wanted to make her a darker one.
having magical powers, my pal picked up on this and sent Rowan handknit cotton. so hurray! and it is my first Rowan very excited!!
also i had seen on some one blog lavendar chocolate and was telling my mom, cuz i love lavendar, what a fun idea. Again the magical powers ... viola! lavendar chocolate. what i did not know is it has blueberries too. in coming from the airconditioned Post office to my is a lil soft, so that is the the fridge. they other 2 bars of yummy dark chocolate were eaten after tali decided to bite thru the wrapper of one as it sat on the ottoman. so to be fair all the kids had a bite. ;-) it was declared to be very good!

to top it off in the box were some very sweet red flowers stitch markers. i heart stitch markers!
so thank you pal with super hero powers! your package was magic.

now back to filling the kiddie pool.....


roni said...

yummmmm you do have a good sp!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yaay--I'm glad you got it. I was hoping the chocolate would get to you in one piece and not melt all over the inside of the bag!!! I love that lavender chocolate--it's really subtle but so yummy!!! --osp

Anonymous said...

Just saying hi! Hope you're having a good summer!

- Your Secret Pal

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