Monday, July 03, 2006

knitting in Sacramento

Wed morning we loaded into Lacy ZigZag's "car" and headed off to Sac for a birthday tour of the yarn shops. Lucy is holding Tali at Knit Wits where we met up.
our first stop was Knitique which was also my favourite store. VERY cute in Pink and Green colours and helpful, friendly FABULOUS staff. We got alot of great ideas and even though this was the first store i think it was where i spent the most $. I TRIED TO PACE MYSELF, but it was so wonderful! BTW- this was in my SOS exceptions, out of town excursion yarn!
After that we went to the Yarn Shop. which was a little cold, felt like a big city business. we were not greeted or talked to during our visit, and if there wasn't a good clearance box i woulda left without any purchases.
We almost missed Rumpelstiltskin's hole in the wall entrance. the book Alison and i have been looking for was there..... lorna's laces for $6! Chris got some wonderful dying yarns and colours. Cant wait to see what she does with it! they have alot of their own yarns, weaving and spinning supplies.
My Secret Stash was a small but friendly place were i brought home 3,000+ yds of chenille's for the dale of norway pattern i found at the previous store. She had some delicious buffalo yarn, which is not impressive til you handle the washed swatches. super soft!
After that we headed to Babetta's. packed wall to wall with yarn and so many types of fiber and wheels for spinning! brooke our spinning maven would love to go there!
Frog Pond knits was a nice place but their chix with stix group was meeting and it was packed! there was a guy there who was taught by his british nanny to knit at the age of five and uses 00000000 size needles. 8 aught!!! for lace. gorgeous! our last stop was Filati. 3,600 sq ft of yarn and books. their clearance section was bigger than some of the stores we had been to. i stocked up mostly on old issues of interweave. was tempted to buy koigu and give it a try since every one raves about it, but found orange cashmerino for jessica instead. (her signature colour) filati's staff also was a fan of knitique's so they obviously are a good choice!
we had such a wonderful time! Thank you for a lovely day. next post.... the Stash Enhancements...
oh, guess which store had black market KNOCK OFF addi turbo's..... the shock! the horror! the disgust!


Brooke said...

Who had FAKE audi turbo needles?? How could you tell?? What a fun road trip. HAPPY B-DAY -

Heatherly said...
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Heatherly said...

the packaging. a rep came by the store last year and gave us the low down. i will email you the answer. and if you are gonna sell fake addi's, they should not cost more than real ones!

Lacy Zigzag said...

Wow, looks like you had way too much fun on your road trip to Sacramento. I wanna go again! We can leave out a couple of the stores next time and pick up a couple of new ones. :-)

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