Friday, July 14, 2006

I heart knit picks needles!

i can not even tell you how wonderful thet are. Pointy tips. slick surfaces. and did i mention for the price of 3-4 addi turbos!?! i can't wait to finish my noni with them! Thank you for the most wonderful bday present!

totally off topic, but the town i want desperately to live in, in israel, a town of musicians and artisans! is under attack.Watch out! they may make not only a political cartoon but a song to go with it to the disgrace of hamas and hezbalah. Please pray for them along with many other recipents of 300 bombs that have been launched at israel (this mornings count). Moze is out there too. pray for her family.
willing to pay for higher gas so Israel can have the right to exist.

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