Thursday, July 06, 2006

choka sock contest

did you see the summer knitty is up?????
this was the issue i was going to submit to but we were in the hospital with baby tali.
my pattern coulda worked well with them, drat.
for one designer her excitement over being published has lead to a contest. add a couplet ( 7 syllables, 5 syllables) to the longest poem and you can be entered into it. if you dont like yarn, enter any ways, you can always send your prize to , oh, me????? heehee

my entry:
Lil Red won't get anything done,
if the yarn isn't wound


aija said...

Thanks for the link and for playing! :)

Creative Genius? said...

you know..... I have a connection at For the Love of Yarn to get you published there ;-)

Sara said...

thanks for the knitty heads up. I love that "mag"

Kat said...

Hi there - thanks for the link to the longest poem.... mine was:
"Knitting in the quiet dawn
Clicking needles talk"

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