Sunday, July 30, 2006

brooke's got me in trouble now...

so next saturday, jessica and i are going to Sac for a class on spinning. just drop spindles.
cuz her pal sent her "dowls with hooks" and we are gonna learn what to do with them. Brooke lent me her drop spindle to use cuz she has a "race car" spinning wheel now. she is addicted.
so while we were in town for lunch we decided to walk around and window shop. it is something i suck at. i always buy something.
sam went in one store i went in another... i bought some fabulous dry lavender for $5.
He however bought a spinning wheel.
the peddle says "New Zealand J rappard the address... and 195779 which think means 1979 was when it was made. come to find out rappard was the brand ashford bought when "john" retired. i am not sure what the difference is between the "little peggy" and the "wee peggy". but i have one of those.
here is a picture off the web so you can see what it is like. i have to clean mine up and get my own pictures.
you gotta love a man who embraces your dreams. no matter how crazy they are!

side note: Thanks for all the sweet comments and the love! but mostly for not asking why. continue to pray for my family. deep heartaches are long to heal, and this one is a BIG one.


roni said...

Holy Cow (or should I say sheep?)
That man's a keeper! Congrats!!!!

Jessica said...

oh my goodness!!! i had to check the blog after getting the email, and its true!!! you have a wheel!!!! i am sooo happy for you! :) see ya tomorrow!

Lacy Zigzag said...

Oh you will be further addicted, but in a nice way and you will turn out some beautiful yarn. Maybe I should start saving Poppy's clipping (my Collie) or Blue's (my lab) so that you can practice spinning their fur.

brooke said...

SPINNING INSTRUCTIONS: EAch night sit at your wheel and just practice with the foot pedals. I know you don't actually have anything to spin right now - just get comfortable with adjusting the speed of the wheel. Any squeeks? In a pinch, use olive oil. I'll be spinning this weekend. If you want to stop by the house?? call me on my cell

alejandra said...

How nice!!!! I think that in my country, it´s impossible to find something like that!!! We only can see them on the book Sleeping Beauty, here call we "la rueca". It´s incredible, so happy spinning!!!

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