Wednesday, July 26, 2006

the big dump

so i had my SP8 group dump their knitting bags and explain what was in it/them.
there is a prize for those who participated. names will be placed into a drawing. oooh aaah.
there were nice organized bags, and bags that look more like mine...casualties of startitis. to the one project in one bag do you do it? you are so monogamus it is scary!
i am in awe of your discipline.
i will email the winner and figure out how to post it secretly...any ideas?

summer here is crazy! 110 degrees is really hot when you have no AC or swamp cooler, and the lot with the trees was gutted for a house and now you have full sun! we hide at Barnes and noble on sunday for a few hours. read books. stayed cool. even my LYS was hot cuz ponderosa realty couldnt leave their AC office and fix anything. they work for the slum lord who wont repair/replace the AC. too hot to knit!
the yarn does not slide thru my fingers. i want to get my master knitters course done and mailed this week. 1 swatch and a couple questions and blocking my swatches...that is all to do at this point besides wait for the critique. the criteria changes Aug 1.

i had a wonderful surprise in the mail. STASH tea sent new fall teas to try. oooooh! the pomegranite raspberry, white chai, pumpkin spice decaf are the ones i will be buying as they come available! Thanks Stash and Mitzi!


Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

I do the one bag-one project thing, and here's how: I have several bags =)

Don't feel bad, you can't be the first knitter to find a goldfish in her bag...

roni said...

oh shoot I thought racoons were getting the goldfish in my pond....I'd better check my knitting bag...*sniff sniff* I don't smell anything.....:)

poor thing....
you could always visit the chico LYS to knit in the next heatwave...the ac was working there!

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