Saturday, June 17, 2006

Tirzah Update

We had a nice trip to Sacramento, although we all would have liked better circumstances. It was Tirzah's first time in our capitol. She described it to bubbe on the phone whose reaction was "You'd think you took her to Paris."
The pediatric clinic is full of kid friendly decor and games, so that made even the wait nice. Tirzah introduced Tali to the baby in the fun house mirror which kept them both entertained quite nicely.
So far her kidney's are good. This stage of HSP can last 10 yrs. This is just a starting point really. We have to monitor her blood pressure and were given other things that point to renal failure. While she does not need bed rest, Tirzah must slow down when she is feeling sore, achey... instead of playing thru it.
Also her picky diet can be signs of something weird going on too. ( a few more things for a dramatic child. lol!)
So we go back in September. THERE IS NO TREATMENT. I guess this is why the Dr told us when she was first going thru tests that it might be better if it were leukemia, because they can treat that. The steroids only kinda help and have their own side effects. A virus, allergy, etc... can cause things to act up, but there is no "cause" for it.

Pray for Tirzah, for joints, inner workings, etc.. Her attitude is fabulous, pray it continues. Divine healing would be a plus. She really wants to go to camp. I am not sure how this will happen, it also will depend on how she is feeling. But it is where her friends are. ( I am getting used to the preteen 3 way phone calls. May they always be happy and friendly!) We had such a good time together. When did Tirzah become a graceful young lady with long finger nails and not my fat baby?

My inlaws leave in the morning. We had a lovely day in Greenville. Visited their Fabulous yarn store where Tirzah and i both indulged...a summer of stash exception remeber. NO LOCAL SHOPPING for yarn. (sides pa wouldnt stop in sacramento. he was a guy on a mission and we did not divert from the plan/reason we came) Hand dyed, 350 yds for $3??? how could we not buy it? also inox needles were $1.50! so we are going to try them. shop Yarn Lore while it is still there. It wont be much longer. Pictures from the week eventually will be posted...

Thanks for thinking about us and praying for us this week! XXXOOOOXXXOOO


jillian said...

Tirzah's lucky to have such a loving a close family - it will see her through!

Can't wait to see your stash enhancement. 350 yds handdyed for $3? Wow.

Anonymous said...

Hi, all! We are relieved to hear that Tirzah has not suffered kidney damage but are sorry to hear the rest. We will pray hard for divine healing and Tirzah's continued awesome attitude! Glad to hear you had some enjoyment on your trip, too! Much love, Spencer, Julie and Lydia
p.s. Happy Father's Day, Sam!

lorinda said...

This verse came to mind when I was praying for you and Tirzah:

3 You keep him in perfect peace
whose mind is stayed on you,
because he trusts in you.
4 Trust in the Lord forever,
for the Lord God is an everlasting rock. (Isaiah 26)

Creative Genius? said...

Glad to hear there was some good news for Tirzah!! And so glad it was a good trip! We will continue to pray for her speedy recovery!

:-) AL

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