Tuesday, June 27, 2006

stuff and nonsense

my sp8 sent me a book for my birthday. "felted crochet" it has alot of fun things in it. i had not thought of felting lace before. can't wait to try it.

the kids are off at camp gilgal for the next 2 weeks. chai did not even bring a stuffie with him. and he went immediately off with the teenage boys. the girls were greeted by friends from the years before. so now i am left with half my kids for the next two weeks. we have been lounging at my mom's house where it is much cooler than the 102-104 degrees at our house.
we may think itis too hot to move but tali disagrees. she walks over 10 steps unassisted now. and sudden crawls REALLY fast. her great grandmama will be visiting next week, so she must be getting ready to show off.

tomorrow some of the girls and i will be off to sacramento. we are going to try to stop at as many yarn stores in the area as we can and then head home. summer of stash exception of course was excursion yarn buying! heehee

yes, my birthday was lovely. much better than last year's 9 hour as the ER waiting for stitches!
(a sobe bottle and a 3 yr old)


Anonymous said...

while steve and i are in san fran i plan to stop at ImagiKnits (www.imagiknit.com) !!!! If there is anything you want me to pick up for you, just let me know! I guess the selection there is great, including possum, camel, and banana yarn!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked the book! It sounded really fun to me, although I hadn't heard about it before. I think I'll have to check it out myself.

- Your SP

Amy Lu said...

Have fun in Sacremento!
Happy Belated Birthday!

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