Saturday, June 10, 2006

Socks for sheep, llamas and lots of other things people need

there is an organization Heifer Int'l that raises money to help end hunger in villages (kinda like One Life Revolution - "you have only 1 something".)
Alot of the items are resources to fight hunger for more than just a meal, such as:

-- Knitting Basket: $500.00--
Share of a Knitting Basket: $50.00--
A Full Llama: $150.00--
Share of a Llama: $20.00--
A Full Sheep: $120.00--
Share of a Sheep: $10.00--
Trio of Rabbits: $60.00--
Share of Rabbits: $10.00--
A Full Goat:$120.00--
Share of a Goat: $10.00--
A Full Pig: $120.00--
Share of a Pig: $10.00--
Chicks: $20--
Bees: $30

Yarn Pie and january one are raising money and have prizes for donations.
so if you have too many booga bags, and other fiber related items you can donate them to yarn pie's church craft bazaar, and if you wanna donate money january one puts you in a registry. Either or both ways there have fun prizes for givers. And you get to help alot of people. Cuz some people do not have the priviledge of just sitting and knitting...for fun or profit.

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