Sunday, June 18, 2006


Jillian told me the petal bib was a quick knit and not to wait till i finished otther things. it was a great instant gratification project! worked between here and greenville.... in the future it will take longer cuz "some people drive 40 in a 55" lol! peaches and cream in petal pink i think half a ball. gonna try to get a 2nd out of it. instead of the icord/applied icord. i crocheted the strings and used a crochet bind off. WAY FASTER!!!!
UCDavis has some great kids stuff in their waiting room which the girls enjoyed (tirzah and tali all others were at home.)
my world cup tivoli. love it so far but the placement for waist decreases are not matching up so i need to figure that out or leave them out... mikado ribbon from crystal palace in "jungle"

tirzah and talia in the hotel room. no germy bed spreads. thanks "dirty jobs" guy! i also lysoled the remote, phone, and alarm clock.


jillian said...

Talia looks adorable in her new pink bib! Isn't it a quick and fun project. Great idea on the crochet cord! What a time saver.

What's WEIRD is that the very next project I am thinking of casting on for I am going to try to substitute Mikado ribbon! What are the chances. I have it a solid bright red - which is an out of the ordinary color for me. I was trying to be adventurous :) How does it knit up?

Mini said...

Oh-- I need that petal bib pattern! Perfect for a baby shower gift! :) Your kiddos are so cute! I think I have missed something: HSP? email me if you prefer... thanks for the comments, by the way!

:) Kate

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