Thursday, June 22, 2006

book updates.
i know you will laugh

but the other night i had NOTHING to read.
so here are the books i have finished:
ted dekker's circle trilogy (black, red, and white)
no idle hands, social history of american knitting ( not as boring as it sounds. i enjoyed it)
a bride most begruding
blink-ted dekker
the assignment markandrew olsen
lawana blackwell a chair by the window
taggerung brian jacques
pride and prejudice jane austen


Miss Tonia said...

Finally, someone who shares the same birthday! Happy Birthday! By the way, how was "A Bride Most Begruding"? I was thinking about picking that one up.

Sara said...

No Idle Hands is one I've intended to read forever.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! A little something is on its way to you in the near future . . .

Your Secret Pal

Anonymous said...

wow, sounds like you had a week with only half of your kids or something! :)
I hope your birthday is a blast!!!

Lacy Zigzag said...

would you please explain to me in a language that I might understand how you possible have time to read and knit and take care of half of your kids at the same time........ We sure had fun with Tali on the shopping trip. What a love she is.

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