Friday, May 26, 2006


yesterday my dad called cuz bert the postman gave him my packages for me. notice it is plural? i got a fabulous pattern for felted iris' from Crazy Yarn Lady, along with purse forms that were like $1.80. Talia thinks these are great new toys.

My very first SP8 package came from Ma. which is fun cuz my last 2 pals i sent to hailed from the same state. (hi stacy and mini!)
inside were the covetous amelia riatte sock trio!!!!!! some gorgeous handpaint sock yarn in perfect colours. i can not wait to try it out! i have never used a handpainted sock yarn so it will have to be for something very special.

we saw todd agnew last night. i had no idea he was such a great speaker! he also sang a little U2 and rich mullins. we brought tirzah and kezzi with us. he sings tirzah's favourite song. i was worried he wouldn't get to it, but it was his final song. yea! he sings grace like rain, which is pretty much the meaning of talia's name. so we say it is her song.
it was a very nice night. jon carried tali around trying to pick up girls. haha. the crazy thing is...SHE WENT with him. she goes to no one!!! she was with him for about 30 min! it was crazy. we all know he is from cherry and almond streets on the planet mars.... so his alien presence must have intrigued her.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you liked your first package! I didn't want to give away my address, but the scary post office lady said that it would be hauled away by the postal police and considered to be anthrax if I didn't put a return address. I was afraid your gifties would end up in a pile of probable terrorist items someplace. So even though you know where I'm from now, I'm sure you'll never find me in the vast expanse that is blogland. Enjoy your prezzies!

- Your Secret Pal

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