Monday, May 01, 2006

sam, you just rebuilt house in florida, now what are you going to do?

um, file for unemployment.

yes, that is right. after returning home, his boss (who hired him, knowing he would be going on trips & said he had no problem with the missions trips and time off sam would need as the youth pastor, has had nothing but problems) "let him go". when sam went to mexico, canada, and now florida, The Idiot sent him off with smiles and good luck, and upon his return has cut his hours, his pay, and now laid him off.
This guy has been a jerk over the last year and treats so many people badly, including his patients, that sam is actually almost excited! hurray he is FREE!

so please pray for sam to find a new job.
he received a few calls about jobs while in florida. hopefully one will come thru.


jillian said...

What a jerk. But you are looking on the bright side - being away from the jerk - and that's great!

I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Creative Genius? said...

oh crap - but keeping my fingers crossed for something WAY BETTER to come along

Heyah said...

"have no job" is a pain in the rear! I'll be praying for you all and I'm sure HE will have something that is JUST RIGHT for the need. Love Ya'll!

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