Saturday, May 27, 2006


i am almost done with the green mary jane's started a pink pair today. to go with the JANE theme... how about matilda jane?
i love the way it laces up, but shelynn is right, it is a lil like these weird peircings we saw laced up with ribbons last year. i still really like this sweater, inspite of creepy body laces.


bubbebobbie said...

Oh I never saw the back. I was just thinking how cool it would be to design something like that!I know the peirced thing is creepy, but the sexy corset thing is cool. It is all in the mind, go back to 1800's and it isn't so creepy. Or think, Fredricks of Hollywood (:I like it even more now, I thought it was just a sweet little shell.

Keri said...

It's very pretty, even with the strange lacings, I love the picot edging!

lorinda said...

Hey Heather--you Heathers are all amazing. I'll let you start a knit-ring of "sisters who knit of heathers who don't have time to knit." ;) And the Matilda Jane is great, but I cannot even imagine how large my derriere would look with a big ribbon planted right on it. Yikes. It's for the anorexic set for sure.

MARYBETH said...

Hi Heatherly,
I really like this-i think a different -more NARROW ribbon of some kind would look fab. that green stuff is too wide and overbearing for such a sweet sweater.

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