Thursday, May 18, 2006

mother's day

so it started off rough, but by the time we got to my parents for the bbq and got to sit in the hot tub...all was good. bella gave me a "valentine"...heehee the kids made really cute stuff.
with my mom's present i made her a felted rose from the n.e."felted flowers" book. it turn out really nice. i want to make a few more so when i felt the hedgepigs this week i am gonna add some more swatches for roses.

i have some really fun people as pal's in the many swap i am doing. finally found a green postcard for project spectrum. so i can get that sent out.
oh, hurray we got a pool table on it's way to my house. which for any one has seen lew and tommy play fisher price pool at our house....will know this is very awesome!

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