Monday, May 01, 2006

Cuz He is Faithful....

at 9 am sam was "laid off".
1pm a nasty letter from said boss arrives. how this man got such a Fab wife?????!!!!
at 2 pm Sam was in an interview.

being as ~*~wonderful~*~ as he is, he was hired on the spot! the tan from florida must have helped. heehee!

i talked to my mom shortly after, who was galavanting in eureka/ferndale. she was at urgent care, in a wheel chair! Poor Bubbe now has crutches and a knee brace. This has thrown some of our 50th bday bash plans in a spin. But even worse Charlie McFroggypants, the gnome, is missing.

the tension in my sock is completely wonky due to the stress of the day. so i had to rip it out!
probably b/c charlie is MIA. poor charlie!
I am so glad Sam is free of the job he has hated for so long! hurray! hurray!

also good news.... secret pal 8 is under way.
...and there was much rejoicing in blog land...
i opened my participant list. first reaction: none of my friends were my responsibility. shew!
there are over 500 people, but having so many hostesses we each have a nice managable sized group. i am very excited. we are beyond the data entry part now, and the fun can begin! ok now the work really starts.

ps-heyah! i need your email address!


Heyah said...

Blessings to you on the new job, Sam.

Creative Genius? said...

So glad he got a new job!!! May it be a better one too!

Hey how is Tizrah doing???

Anonymous said...

Hi Walkers! Glad to hear about the job switch. God does work in strange and mystereous ways. We are thinking of you all out here in BallTEEmore, as Lydia says it, and are hoping for the chance to see you guys soon. Spencer and Julie

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