Tuesday, May 23, 2006


My project spectrum and knitting the classics project are combined. Green mary jane's. i love these! i think they are from piddleloop?
Kezzi's hedgepig in green and "eye-popping" purple also goes with may's colours. if you got the free ball of bernat disco, it makes a crazy hedgehog!
Mini sent me a wonderful prize of self striping yarn for her "guess my heritage" contest. it is lovely! thank you miss mini!
while in chico we stopped by heartstings...the only yarn store open now on monday's. Roni caught me there, heehee. (what can i say, the discount they give me makes up for the gas) Roni's felted companion bag turned out really great! tirzah picked out wool for alison's hedgehog. not too boy, not too girl for the baby. plus they ordered circular needle I.D. tags for me. so no more knitting one sock on a 5 and the other on a 3! plus i got a noni pattern that i have been wanting to try. left coast knitter's convinced me to splurge.
i finally got a mountain of stuff mailed. i mailed half and dad mailed the other half, so my swaps should be taken care of for awhile. here are the girls and hedgehogs with their new safety eyes and noses. bella's isnt done yet, but she thought you would like to see her new shirt. :-)


lorinda said...

Your kids are gorgeous! I see you link to Heather blogs. I have a sister named Heather, does that count? You could have "Sisters of Heathers" blogs too. My Heather refuses to knit, but she bakes a fab apple pie, homemade bread and homeschools her five kids. :)

Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

Disco Hedgehog? I like it!

bubbebobbie said...

Hey I think Sisters of Heather's should count, just not brothers (: And I know moms do! Tell Bella I love her new shirt. But I don't know Kezzi's hedgehogs name. And I have a BIG soft spot for Homeschool moms!I love you, mom

Jennifer said...

Hi! You know, that's the second hedgehog I've seen in a "non-traditional" hedgehog color. Makes me want to try it out! It turns out that YOU were my tea swap buddy, I just got your package today! The sock yarn is just the right colors, and I've already put on water for tea, I've never actaully tried that brand before, so it's really cool that you sent a sampler box. Later, I will spoil my diet with those tasty looking cookies! Yum! Also, my hands have been horribly dry lately, so the liquid gloves will really help at knitting group tonight! Thank you so much!!

ladylinoleum said...

Hedgies are cute!

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