Monday, May 08, 2006

Brooke's bday party

so we tried to surprise brooke with a lil party at the yarn shop.
but she is way too busy, and never made it over.
so here are some pictures of her bday so she can at least see her cake.
so happy birthday from devvy. tali, roni. julie, lynda, michaela (who i drug along with me. she is knitting a alpaca chickami in black of course) and a couple others that were there too....


alejandra said...

Dear Heatherly, I just have received my secret pal, and you told me that my secret name can't appear in the name of the blog. So, I have changed it, my new email adress is (first was name of the blog is ariadnaknits. I hope that it's allright. Sorry and thank you for all!!

alejandra said...

Oh, Heather, I have all missunderstand!!! I just have a blog since a time,but I have create a new one because I don't understand the game!!! I don't know if it's too late, but, can I put the answers in my old blog???(I thought that the person who send to me is the same person that I must send) If that's possible, the other mail that I have send is not valid. Please, answer to me, so I can repair this mistake!!!

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