Sunday, April 23, 2006

Lantern Moon Laments

my lys finally carries lantern moon needles. i was very excited. they feel wonderful.
but it has become a love hate relationship.
i bought several sets to work with for my TKGA master knitters courses. because i wanted the "best" materials. my size 6 had almost a slice along the grain that snags wool making them impossible to work with. my size 7's are a sad crumbled in my hands while making an entrelac scarf. Then a friend remembered i had once said i wanted ebony DPN's. she got me your size 5's. "lovely, feel like butter...cant really use them though" needles there is an actual hole gauged into the wood!
add to this the misery of the baskets! in january my dad bought me a beautiful lantern moon basket lined with green silk. the handle unraveled in a month's time. my lys allowed me to exchange this so my dad wouldnt know... 5 weeks later it is sitting in my living room, the signs of the next handle unraveling, being a decorative use only basket. i was especially careful after the first basket's demise not to put very much in it, just in case it was my fault.
$135 plus tax later in lantern moon items, i have a decapitated sheepy tape measure, and "look but dont touch" basket, 3 sets of unusable needles (2 straights, 1 Dpn set), and one pair that look good but i am afraid to use.

am i under a lantern moon curse?! or is this typical of overpriced poor quality knitting Fad items?

~ the yarn yenta ~

oh...i am not the only one... check out


Isela said...

Oh no! That is really terrible luck. I have had great luck with Crystal Palace DPNs. Have you tried them? They feel really nice.

jillian said...

I've a few LM items (Silk mini-bag, 2 sets of lightly used straights, 2 needle cases, and the sheepy tape measure - OK maybe more than a few) and I haven't had any quality problems yet. But I can't believe it's you - that's too many things to just be bad luck!

Lacy Zigzag said...

Of course you are taking the needles back so that they can be returned. Do the ebony DP have a flaw in them? Let Terry know if they do. They should not have a flaw!

The_Add_Knitter said...

Yes, I've been hoodwinked by the stylish Lantern Moons on more than one occasion--my straight needles have split and they cost a pretty penny, of course I bought them at my parents on vacation so I can't return them. Curses!!

Anonymous said...

Lantern Moon stands by their products! If the LYS, where you bought them, won't help you with the defective items you should contact Lantern Moon directly! Their 800-number is on their website (

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