Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Lantern moon casualty

first it was my rosewood needles. they lured me in with their sleekness only to have a slice along the grain to catch yarn and prevent knitting 2 rows.
Then it was my lovely lined basket that decided it didn't want a handle attached to it. it was only a few weeks old! not over packed. not left in the rain. yes the same basket i was trying to keep safe when i sprained my ankle.
now it is a horrific headless sheep!
i pulled out my tape measure to a find decapitated sheepy! his head is no where to be found, just a string.

be warned ikea! those bazillion lantern moon baskets you ordered may be returned!


isela said...

One of my sheepies bottom is coming undone too--guess what, his insides are pink, heheheh, very fitting, but still, it is coming apart :(. I am sorry you have lost the head of your sheepy.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh. and I love those little sheep tape measures. Maybe they have mad cow or something? JoAnn's in Chico has some grey sheep - but they are "clunky" and I don't care for them as much as the sheep at Knit Wits..even if they do loose their heads.. Brooke

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