Friday, April 28, 2006

no husband and 6 kids equals:

2 showers in 10 days for mommie that is
alot of easy meals
sleepless nights cuz the bed is too big and empty
um, who do you call when you run out of milk and you cant ask sam to bring it home.... i called my daddy ;-)
teenage boy has appendix out, shows up to show sam his new scar....being really excited even though it makes you a lil queasy
no one to remind you to charge cell phone
having to lock the doors and turn off lights by yourself
no diapers??? um, call daddy again
veggie tales marathons without worrying about what time his shows come on
when the computer acts weird i have to figure it out myself.. haha, no i called my daddy for that one ,too
no one to share a late night cup of tea
no one to remind me to put the milk away after a late night cup of tea (crap!)
finally getting to talk to ~*~the love of your life~*~ on the phone, but your phone dies cuz he wasn't here to remind you to charge it!!!!

hurray shmuel comes home tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What $5 can buy you for project spectrum. Chibi in April's colours shown for size. I love clearance!!!!!! Blue Sky alpaca has a free cardigan pattern i was thinking of using this for.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Sock in purples. interlacements' toasty toes super wash merino wool.
after passover, what do you do with the left over matza ? well at our house i use it to:BLOCK MY BOOT.

lana grossa's Mega stoppino in colour 212

Sunday, April 23, 2006

i love these. tali is almost crawling...wouldnt it be cute?

Lantern Moon Laments

my lys finally carries lantern moon needles. i was very excited. they feel wonderful.
but it has become a love hate relationship.
i bought several sets to work with for my TKGA master knitters courses. because i wanted the "best" materials. my size 6 had almost a slice along the grain that snags wool making them impossible to work with. my size 7's are a sad crumbled in my hands while making an entrelac scarf. Then a friend remembered i had once said i wanted ebony DPN's. she got me your size 5's. "lovely, feel like butter...cant really use them though" needles there is an actual hole gauged into the wood!
add to this the misery of the baskets! in january my dad bought me a beautiful lantern moon basket lined with green silk. the handle unraveled in a month's time. my lys allowed me to exchange this so my dad wouldnt know... 5 weeks later it is sitting in my living room, the signs of the next handle unraveling, being a decorative use only basket. i was especially careful after the first basket's demise not to put very much in it, just in case it was my fault.
$135 plus tax later in lantern moon items, i have a decapitated sheepy tape measure, and "look but dont touch" basket, 3 sets of unusable needles (2 straights, 1 Dpn set), and one pair that look good but i am afraid to use.

am i under a lantern moon curse?! or is this typical of overpriced poor quality knitting Fad items?

~ the yarn yenta ~

oh...i am not the only one... check out

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tirzah Update

what Bubbe wrote...

"She is still suffering with her HSP and some days are harder than others. But she had her ultrasound on Monday and it says her kidneys appear to be fine. That is wonderful since one of the results of HSP can be transplants. So that brings us to more questions as to what is causing the blood in her urine. The results have been sent to two specialists and now we have to wait to hear back from them. Tirzah however is becoming a Master knitter like her mama and even knitted a blister on to her fingers. Sitting still has proven some benefit :)
Thank you for all your prayers. Her smile and her attitude shows they are working."

so this is where things are currently. We are still waiting on the prestigious UCDavis Dr's to approve her referal. Since then Tirzah has knit a hat, a scarf for miss jessica, and is working on a purse and a wristlette with beads for her friend ellie.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My 7 yr old solved grow cube

chai, how did you win at grow cube ?

"when you get the kimono dragon you know you won" (heehee,i love the kimono dragon part!)
"the springs have only 2 levels before it gets to max"

gee, kid. thanks for the tips! i am not sure what it means...but thanks. poor mama, she will never get the kimono dragon. this is what i should expect from the string theory boy! he is gonna leave me in the dust from now on. oh, he wants the "crochet school" book. cuz it is school...and he crochets.
chai is on fire!

Monday, April 17, 2006

i have my computer back!

we had a LAN party for youth group...friday. and with passover, sunrise service, and packing sam for did not get back to it's rightful spot until this morning.

i woke up at 3:41 to kiss sam good bye and there was an inch of snow!
he may actually be glad to get to florida... (we both hate fla, he lived there 10 yrs. i lived there 2...which was long enough!) while way over on the other coast, he will be roofing houses and some other hurricane repairs. he will be h0ome in 2 weeks.

Bella's bday party was Sat. Narnia of course!
winter white on oneside of the house and spring on the other.
She is all dressed up in her cape with dagger and juice from the flowers of the sun.
all the kids got narnia action figures instead of party bags.
because it is passover we found a kosher icecream and bubbe made her an icecream cake. very yummy!

the seder thursday was lovely. we had a wonderful time with the milco's. tuesday we will have a seder with bubbe, pa, grandpaw and judy.

oh, this afternoon is tirzah's ultrasound! keep her in prayer!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

since i lived there for 3 yrs...i am not surprised

Your Inner European is Italian!

Passionate and colorful.
You show the world what culture really is.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Tali wants to crawl, but is too distracted by the colurs. The blanket was made by her great great grandmother Laverne.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hurray finished Odessa and a sleeping baby!
Odessa earlier this week..oops, when was that deadline for the KAL? cute stitch marker from Chris!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Lantern moon casualty

first it was my rosewood needles. they lured me in with their sleekness only to have a slice along the grain to catch yarn and prevent knitting 2 rows.
Then it was my lovely lined basket that decided it didn't want a handle attached to it. it was only a few weeks old! not over packed. not left in the rain. yes the same basket i was trying to keep safe when i sprained my ankle.
now it is a horrific headless sheep!
i pulled out my tape measure to a find decapitated sheepy! his head is no where to be found, just a string.

be warned ikea! those bazillion lantern moon baskets you ordered may be returned!

se habla rational thought?

WARNING because our schools do not want to offend the children of other nations, who have gained entrance to our nation, ILLEGALLY, and been given education, medical care, and many other benefits that some americans are not eligible for, THE AMERICAN flag and other patriotic symbols are BANNED!
that's right. if you are an american, in an american school,in the american state of california, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, you can not wear anything that has an american flag.
i wonder why Northern california wishes it were its own state?

"Beginning Monday, the Oceanside Unified School District is banning all flags and patriotic clothing. "

Monday, April 03, 2006

Though i do knit with the girl's on grey's anatomy....i have not sworn off men, much to my husband's relief! ;-)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

How to entertain a baby and a knitter on bedrest...

What have we been doing the last few days?
Tali thought we should catch up on some reading. laughter is good medicine after all.

Master knitter's Level 1 swatches are almost done. I have finished 11 of the 16 swatches and half the questions. Hopefully I will get level 1 out of the way and done BEFORE hubby goes to Fla so i have something to work on while he is gone.

Taking naps are always a good idea.
when really bored, wonder what the probability is of chai throwing his plane up randomly into the air and getting it stuck between the Ceiling slats...and how long it will stay there.... since no one can reach it 14 ft up.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

oh I forgot to flash!!!

Flash the Stash day!

ok, see the big tub? there are 3 of these! and 2 half that size! um and a few bags hidden about the house!in my defense! 1 tub though is cheap acrylic for emergency blankets, and my teens have adopted numerous skeins so the other tub isnt full any more.

the spools i thought would be fun, but haven't used them yet.

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