Thursday, March 23, 2006


Please continue to pray for tirzah. Her blood work is coming back good, no anemia and no hypertension which is associated with hsp. We saw a cool doctor from africa yesterday. before beginning to treat her he wants to send her to the kidney specialist. so this means a trip to sacramento. (3 hrs away) pray that they have an opening quickly, since sam will be away putting rooves on hurricane hit houses the last half of april.
Tirzah is doing her first beaded knit project and making wrist bands for her friends.
the arthritis pain in her legs is the biggest thing that is bugging her. due to the kidney concerns we cant give her motrin too often. please pray for her joints!


jillian said...

You are all in my thoughts :)

Bea said...

Mucho prayers!
(((((((( and hugs! ))))))))

Chris said...

I love Tirzah!!!

Anonymous said...

what a cute pic!!!the kids are always in my prayers! tirzah is a trooper, she'll get thru this!
luv ya,

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