Thursday, March 09, 2006

Secret palsy-walsy!

Sam picked up the mail which had 1-girl scouts events for the girls, 2-knit picks & rams wool catalogs, and 3-abox from my secret pal! because we spent all day defuzzing the clogs (blasted galway!) and using every battery up, my camera is a bit on the dead side! so i will tell you about it. inside were raspberry tarts, white tangerine tea, and pastilles orange chocolates..yumyum...
the cutest sheepie that tali took out of my hands. (holding her while opening the box) and nashua alpaca/wool in a lovely dark orange and the pattern to make up a lil felted cover. it is all very wonderful. tali likes the chocolate box- just the right size to grab and gum. Also my current favourite bath and body fragrance spray moonlight path, just the right size for my purse. what a wonderful box! thank you so much!

today karin, ny cousin, took me out for a mani & pedicure. this was a first for me! it was so relaxing. mom came with so she could hold tali and click her into the car seat. she helped me open doors too! i didnt drink cuz i was afraid of zipping my pants and ruining my nails. i am a dork, i know. but zippers always kill my nails. after that the 3 of us and tali went to the thai place. i love the thai place. i could eat there all the time!

youth group was nuts. a few of the kids were stoned which did not help. they are such hurting kids. karin said tonight she wanted to bring one home with her. they are close to her son's age. i want whole lives for them instead of these broken shattered ones.

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Yea!! Glad you liked it!

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