Saturday, March 04, 2006

questions posed to me:

arg! spent 20 min answering questions and it all vanished. so condensed version sorta.
candy: dark chocolate, hazelnuts? even better. butterfingers and pb cups.
icecream: pistachio almond, oatmeal cookie dough, cake batter (stone cold creamery)
books: emily of new moon, broke $ bodie thoene jerusalem books, mitford series, lancaster county books, tolkein, cslewis, nathaniel hawthorne, working through bleak house currently. i hate books that make you want to just skim themover. francine rivers should be in there too.
movies: to each his own, the enchanted cottage, 2 generations of movie makers in my family so lots of old movies, musicals, admittedly elvis ones (stayway joe, kid gallahad, gi blues) & christian slater ones. my oldest wanted to name her brother don lockwood from singing in the rain...she was 2 1/2 at the time! i love movies! cant wait to borrow the crawling eye from mom! sam was deprived of this as a child no tv til he was 15, no movie going til he was 18, so i love introducing movies to him.
scents: roses, lavendar, cinnamon, star gazer lilies ( can they bottle that?), cucumber and apples.
season:#1 autumn new hampshire living did me in. i am homesick every year! but march is cherry blossom time and late june/july brings my birthday and moutnain "spring" flowers. i love being snow bound too. i hate humid hot summers.

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