Monday, March 13, 2006

Questions about the Master Knitters

"Since the Master Knitting Program’s inception in 1987, 146 hand knitters have completed all three levels of the program." just that part is a bit scary.
What does it involve? In addition to knitting samples and garments from written instructions, you will prepare a notebook of research and answers to questions. The Master Knitting Committee will review everything thoroughly, using well-established criteria. It is not unusual for knit or research portions to be returned for rework with constructive suggestions for improvement. this means if your stitches are sucky, or if you didnot follow instructions EXACTLY, they are returned so you can try again, and again, and again....

level one:

• Sixteen knitted samples: three swatches each of ribbing and
basic stitches and gauge, increases, decreases, yarn overs
and cables.
• Fourteen questions to research and answer.
• One-page report on blocking knits, including references.

level two:

• Twenty-two knitted samples: seams, raglan increases, lace
patterns, cable samples, raglan decreases and buttonhole
• One traditional argyle sock.
• One vest.
• Fifteen questions to research and answer.
• Four book reviews.
• One- or two-page report on the history of knitting.

level three:

• Eighteen knitted samples: invisible cast on and bind off,
increases and decreases, fancy stitches – including one of
your choice, work from symbols and duplicate stitch.
• Self-designed and knit: either an Aran sweater that uses at
least three patterns (including cables and bobbles) or a Fair
Isle or Scandinavian sweater with at least three colors.
• Self-designed and knit: hat or cap made with a technique not
used in the sweater.
• Eight questions to research and answer.
• Two book reviews and two knitting magazine reviews.
• Report on six fibers used in knitting.
• Symbol report and knitted swatch.
• Written description of blocking and care of knit garments.

What do you get? a piece of paper, the title "Master Knitter" and your name in Cast On Magazine. being that my cousin's Masters Degree pretty much has done zip for her career and over qualified her for any job i think it is about the same...mine hopefully wont take 8 years!

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